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Big List of Stuff to Fix—Chapter 1, Part 2 (Page 43–63)

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  • Big List of Stuff to Fix—Chapter 1, Part 2 (Page 43–63)

    Continued from Chapter 1, Part 1. I know you guys tend to respond/look at these in reverse post order, but some of the things I correct may be in reference to things noted in the previous post; if you're confused, check in one of the threads I've linked for previous parts.

    Page 43: Killer Instinct’s 3rd sentence can be cleaned up a little bit to save space. “Since this occurs after the defender gets his total, the defender may not spend Bennies to adjust it further (but may spend Conviction if that’s in play).”
    Page 43: Does a character with Martial Artist in melee with an Unarmed Defender add the +2 Unarmed Defender bonus in addition to his +1 bonus from Martial Artist? (Total +3 bonus, or +4 with Martial Warrior.) If yes, then Martial Artist’s Edge Summary should say the character is armed instead of saying he ignores the Unarmed Defender rule. In that case, Martial Artist becomes notably more powerful than Brawler due to that Fighting bonus.
    Page 44: Does Rock and Roll! not ignore the Recoil penalty with a RoF 1 weapon using Suppressive Fire? If it does, simply stating that it ignores the Recoil penalty should suffice (without specifically referencing Rate of Fire 2 or higher). It’s entry in the Edge Summary Table should be updated in kind.
    Two-Fisted Note (Page 44): As noted in this thread, it feels odd that throwing a weapon is covered by Two-Gun Kid, when “throwing” Multi-Actions are part of the dual-wielding melee trope, much more so than the dual-wielding firearm trope. (Easy example is a rogue stabbing a victim and then throwing his other knife at a different enemy.) Throwing should probably be covered by Two-Fisted instead. If this isn’t adjusted, then on Page 61, Two-Gun Kid’s Edge Summary is missing a close parentheses: “Make one extra Shooting (or Athletics (throwing) roll with a second ranged weapon…”
    Page 44: In the example below Two-Gun Kid, it should be noted that Red may only make a Fighting or Shooting attack in her other hand to ignore the MAP in a later action.
    Mentalist Note (Page 46): The fact that the Edge’s bonus doesn’t apply to other species like animals or aliens completely invalidates it in certain Edges, like Flash Gordon, the Last Parsec, or Rifts—even if humans are fairly common, aliens in a world mostly inhabited by humans will receive nearly no benefit from the Edge. It may be worth either removing this line, stating it doesn’t apply to targets with Animal Intelligence, or that it doesn’t work against species who process information drastically differently than the characters’ own, or who are drastically incongruent biologically (the bonus may apply against almost all other humanoids, but not elementals for example).
    Page 47: Can Soul Drain be used to increase a character’s Power Points above his usual limit? If not, it should be stated explicitly.
    Page 48: Under Investigator, the following segment, “or spy obscured items from piles of junk or debris” should be changed to “or spy obscured items in piles of junk or debris.”
    Page 52: In the last sentence of Danger Sense, does this mean that the character automatically knows that something is about to happen, or that the character may attempt a Notice roll without the +2 bonus when most characters would normally not be allowed to try? In either case, this should be clarified in the final release.
    Page 52: Does Healer no longer add a bonus to Vigor rolls for Natural Healing?
    Page 52: It may be worth clarifying that Liquid Courage’s –1 penalty applies to Smarts and Agility-based Attribute and Skill rolls.
    Page 56–63/172–173/203: I know listing page numbers isn’t viable as these sections are a bit pressed for space, but it may be worth considering linking the entries in the various summary sections to their appropriate entries in the document’s PDF. For example, clicking on the name of the Slow Hindrance (Page 57) would take the reader to the Slow Hindrance on Page 27.
    Page 56: In Obese’s summary, it may be worth considering listing their effective Strength reduction for armor and gear along with their other penalties.
    Page 57: The effect of Suspicious does not match its effect on Page 28—it should read “The individual is paranoid, and allies subtract 2 when Supporting him.”
    Page 57: Young is listed as Minor/Major in the Hindrance Summary section; the Hindrance itself is listed as a Major only, and there is no mention of Major/Minor in its description. Since its point total comes out to –2 for both Young and the Very Young variant, I think the Young Summary should simply list Major and adjust its text accordingly.
    Page 59: Arcane Resistance and Improved Arcane Resistance still list their effects from Savage Worlds Deluxe (+2/+4 to Trait rolls to resist magical effects), not their effect in Adventure Edition (–2/–4 to affect the target with arcane Skills).
    Page 60: Under Brawler, “add d4 to damage from fists; or increase it a die type if combined with Martial Artist, Claws, or similar abilities.” The “or” after the semicolon should probably be removed.
    Page 60: Combat Reflexes should read “+2 Spirit to recover from being Shaken or Stunned.” Currently does not mention Stunned.
    Page 60: Counterattack/Improved Counterattack should read “against one failed Fighting roll per turn,” and “against three failed Fighting rolls” per turn, rather than referencing a certain number of foes.
    Page 60: First Strike/Improved First Strike should read “when foe moves into Reach” instead of “moves adjacent to you.”
    Page 60: Free Runner doesn’t list that its bonus applies to climbing as well as in foot chases.
    Page 60: Harder to Kill only doesn’t list that the character only survives with an even result on the die roll, just that he survives.
    Page 60: Killer Instinct’s Summary Entry is completely wrong and needs to be rewritten.
    Page 61: Inspire and Tactician should say that they only affect Extras, rather than “apply it to everyone” and “assigned to any ally” respectively.
    Page 62: Gadgeteer should read “Spend up to 3 Power Points” instead of “Spend 3 Power Points.”
    Page 62: Ace should note that it negates penalties to vehicle skills, rather than adding a bonus.
    Page 62: McGyver’s requirements its Summary list Notice and Repair out of alphabetical order.
    Page 63: Humiliate’s requirements should be “N, Taunt d8+”
    Page 63: Menacing’s requirements should be “N, Special”
    Page 63: Strong Willed and Iron Will no longer only add their bonus to Tests, but to any Smarts- or Spirit-based rolls (including arcane skills).
    Page 63: Scavenger should read “Once per encounter,” instead of “Once per session.”
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