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  • Some errors

    Hello and thank you Shane and Co. for the work and letting us all be a part of this.

    Here are some errors I have noticed. Sorry for those that have been already mentioned.

    P28 - Young: should be major and minor
    P64 Humiliate requirements says special, this should be Taunt d8 with the new revision.
    P64 Scavanger Summary mentions once per session, not once per encounter as in the new revision.P65 min. Strength in the example should be d12 not d10 (d10 for the Plate and increase of one for Chain)
    P69 target face's should be target face's last sentence for Helmets
    P104 Horns: it said "Run" capital (min 5") does that mean Run or just move 5"
    P105 Scale: might be nice to include the modifier to Stealth as mentioned other places.
    p155 Size chart: Rhine is listed as Size 4 in Beast Friend's example, but is Size 5 on the chart on P179 (Rhino is 2nd largest land mammal so this is correct).
    P160 Drain Power Points: Fatigue is (+1) not the default (+2) from the Power Modifiers, is this a typo or intentional. I like this similar v1 had Heavy (+1) to Burst and Blast giving a throw back to their Deluxe rules.
    P172 Barrier should be in "(inches) and not yards
    P173 Relief in summary should maybe include Stun (if Raise) as well.

    Thanks again for the work and such a great game.

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    Got 'em. Thanks, Crimson!