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Matchstickman's (more) massive menu of mistakes and misreadings pages 1-144

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  • Matchstickman's (more) massive menu of mistakes and misreadings pages 1-144

    Environmental Resistance
    "This also counts as Armor against attacks based on that element or effect." Armor or Toughness? Is it meant to be able to be bypassed by AP powers? Seems a bit odd if it can be as it's a natural defence.

    "This adventurer is very skinny, very short, or both. His Size (see page 105) and Toughness are reduced by 1."

    Free Runner
    "and in foot Chases (see page 122)." Chases are on page 113, 122 is Dramatic Tasks.

    Two Fisted/Two-Gun Kid
    Individually these Edges are good. Together they are not worth the cost. If you want to play a gun and sword wielding hero, why would it take twice as many Edges to be good at it as a double sword wielder? I don't see why a particular archetype has to be "taxed" this way. Might I suggest making a general two weapon edge where you pick if it's double melee, double ranged or one of each when you buy it (like Arcane Background has multiple choices at purchase), or just throw up a third edge for the gun/melee combo?

    "The total cost of the power cannot exceed the points spent to create it." That seems like it could be clarified to something like "The total cost of the power plus modifiers cannot exceed three power points."
    Just to check, you don't spend 3PP for every device, you only spend what you use? You could build a 1 point Bolt for example (and indeed multiple of them at the same time).

    Holy/Unholy Warrior
    "The chosen may add +1 to the total of a final Soak roll for each Power Point spent, to a maximum of 4." That could suggest a maximum of a total of 4, not a +4, which is it meant to be? Could we change it to either "to a maximum of +4." or "to a maximum total of 4." for clarity?

    I don't understand why the restriction exists. I can see why you want to do it narratively but mechanically there is no opposed power in the Psychic's arsenal that is so powerful that negating the +2 bonus makes this a worthwhile restriction, you're already restricting it by the number of powers that make use of it (only 14 out of 54- and at least half of those are not traditionally psychic powers and may not make it into the allowed powers list of settings). In settings where there are multiple races wouldn't it make more sense to make it a setting rule, or possibly something akin to the "weapon familarization" rule, or even just GM's call?

    Soul Drain
    Can you go over your usual limit with this? Power Surge specifically says not.

    "she may also make the “provoked” (in addition to being Shaken)." I think the should be them

    Work the Room
    "The additional die Supports any other ally who can see or hear your hero, and applies to their next action." Does it have to be the same type of action as the original target? What if the original support was to help someone unshake, that's not an action, it's a free action, does it apply?

    "The sidekick is a Wild Card, starts each session with two Bennies, Advances, and usually has abilities that complement or mimic his mentor." It sounds like the Side starts each session with two advances. "The sidekick is a Wild Card, usually has abilities that complement or mimic his mentor, starts each session with two Bennies and can gain Advances."

    "ignore 1 point of Gang Up bonus." That is not quite what the ability says in the text now. It caps the Gang Up bonus instead

    Improved Block
    "ignore 2 points of Gang Up bonus." That is not quite what the ability says in the text now. It caps the Gang Up bonus instead

    Shotgun- Slugs note
    "See page 74." Page 74 is just a table of shotguns, page 105 is the text on the difference between slugs and shot.

    Futuristic Armor- Energy Skin
    "may be treated with an “energy skin” (or skein”" missing a closing bracket, or opening speech marks, or both!

    Machine Guns
    Minigun is not listed in alphabetical order.

    Gatling Laser
    Lost it's "Reaction Fire (when mounted on a vehicle)." Note, intentional?

    Stun Grenade
    The range is offset and does not align with the others in this table.

    "and finally + 0.5 inches after that." Huh? Is that meant to be 1 every 2 inches or 1 every Half Inch? Do you round up or down if you don't make a full 1?

    "Notes: Heavy Armor. TS is 4 (9) under sail." What is TS? From the way the numbers are written I would assume Toughness but I would think Top Speed from the letters.

    Soak Rolls
    "They’re Incapacitated if they would take more Wounds than they have." what was wrong with 2.1's "If another Wound would be caused after that, they’re Incapacitated (see below)."? Didn't you change the Extras wording away from this new text?

    "Each attempt requires 10 minutes per wound level of the patient (30 minutes maximum if Incapacitated)." What if they are not incapacitated but have 4 wounds (via Tough as Nails), is it still 30 minutes? Is it 30 minutes to revive an incapacitated extra? possibly "Each attempt requires 10 minutes per wound level of the patient (to a maximum of 30 minutes)." or "Each attempt requires 10 minutes per wound level of the patient (or 30 minutes if Incapacitated)." to cover either eventuality.

    Natural Healing
    "Allies may also attempt to stabilize the hero as explained Bleeding Out, above." perhaps "as explained in Bleeding out, above."?

    Area Effect Attacks
    "Cone templates are simply placed as desired." Are they? I desire to place it so the large end is next to my character, can I do that?

    Breaking free form a device
    "is an Athletics or Strength ?2 roll (victim’s choice)" possibly "is a Strength ?2 or Athletics roll (victim’s choice)", to make clear(er) the -2 only applies to Strength.

    "Fatigue always stacks, from Fatigue to Incapacitation:" should that be "from Fatigued to Incapacitation:"?

    Travel- Example
    "(see the Hazards section, page 101)." The hazards section is on page 125.

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    Great stuff. Should all be addressed. Thanks, MSM.