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Matt's list V3 typos (part 1)

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  • Matt's list V3 typos (part 1)

    Howdy - V3 is great all around, very happy with it. Grappling still seems a wee bit wonky since it is still generally easier for a giant monster to grab a normal sized character than to hit them, but thees are still the best version yet of the rules and y'all are more or less done changing major rules stuff.

    The work y'all have put into this really shows. Thanks for taking all of our feedback in and for being willing to continue iterating on what I'm sure was already a very lengthy development cycle. It's appreciated!

    All that said, without further ado - here are some typos/errors to get resolved before the printing!

    5: The paper clip on this page is not on the "Fasteners" layer

    28: Young does not say "Major/Minor" as it should.

    40/60: Block description and summary do not match (is it ignore 1/2 points of Gang Up or max Gang Up is 3/2?)

    56: Obese summary should say "Size (and therefore Toughness) +1" for consistency with Brawny summary.

    57: See p. 27 note on "Small" hindrance

    57: Young summary should mention required "Small" hindrance if Major, also should say 2 extra bennies instead of 1.

    105: Size paragraph says Size ranges from -2 to 20, but it actually ranges from -4 to 20.

    169: Summon Ally lists "Sentinel" as an option for a Heroic casting, but since a Sentinel is only Size 2, it can actually be summoned with only a Veteran casting (rules as written). The Summon Ally limitations need to be clarified - Size isn't really an ideal proxy for power; the Deluxe rules were much clearer IMO.

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    Should all be fixed now. Thanks