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  • my 3.0 feedback

    Here are is my 3.0 feedback. Also I didn’t know of a good place to say this but, Shane I saw you reply to basically every 2.1 feedback thread and I was very impressed with the time and dedication that must of taken to make sure everyone’s opinions and feedback was seen and reviewed.
    1. The new changes to the young hindrance made it way to punishing. For the minor you’re taking 4 points of character building power and giving 2 back with benny. So it’s a loss of one advancement of power. The major is also a loss of one advancement of power. It’s a loss of more than 1 advancement of power if you don’t rank the benny(s) as worth a full advancement (which I don’t unless you going a full luck/benny build). My whole group found the young hindrance too punishing in deluxe. We still sometimes play child chars we just won’t take the hindrance, we liked the old swade version in 2.1 now we are back to just ignoring the hindrance because its way to punishing.
    2. The requirements to take tactician and make it useful are very high. It requires d8 smarts, d8 spirit, seasoned, command edge, natural leader edge, battle d6. It is a cool edge with good flavor but way too expensive for what it does. Which is too bad because if hindrances and edges are not balanced well it just makes the pool of stuff people will actually take much smaller.
    3. I think you should not be able to take Calculating if you have the hesitant edge. It removes any negatives to the hesitant edge and the two really don’t go together thematically. If you’re frozen with hesitation you’re not calculating the best move.
    4. With the changes to size the small hindrance is more of a positive then a negative. +1 to being hit and stealth rolls (usually) is better than losing one toughness.
    5. I was a little confused by the reloading changes, Would putting a single shotgun shell into a shotgun be an action or a free action?

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    We'll have to agree to disagree on 1 through 3. In short, children should feel like children and the Hindrance is usually taken in campaigns where everyone is a child (Little Fears, Stranger Things, etc). For Tactician, those are huge advantages to give to the whole party, so the requirements should be steep. On Calculating, it's certainly a different take on the Hesitant Hindrance, but you're hurting yourself to get an occasional advantage so we're good with it (though we'd also reframe it narratively for those characters who have both).

    On 4, player characters can't be Size -1 (Small).

    5: An action. "Reloading a crossbow bolt, clip, magazine, speed loader, or single bullet so that it’s ready to fire (chambered, cocked, etc.) is an action." A single bullet is similar to a shotgun shell, so we think that's clear.

    Thanks for the input.