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Social Conflicts: 0 Tokens for the defendant

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  • Social Conflicts: 0 Tokens for the defendant

    In the v3, you clarified Social Conflicts for Trials and similar cases: If you want something – e.g. convicting someone – to happen, you’re the active party and have to gather Tokens; if you want to keep something from happening, you’re the defending party and need to keep the other party from gathering Tokens.

    At the same time, for 0 Tokens in the Social Conflicts Results table on p. 143, you replaced "In a modern court case, the defense wins as the burden of proof is on the prosecution." (v2.1) with "a defendant is convicted with the maximum punishment allowed in the setting". That doesn’t add up. If you’re the defendant, 0 Tokens is the result you’re going for.

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    Great catch. Fixed! Thanks!