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Vigor Rolls and Wound Penalties (ambiguity)

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  • Vigor Rolls and Wound Penalties (ambiguity)

    I feel that the text on Page 95 under "Bleeding Out", still leaves ambiguity as to whether or not wound penalties apply to the Vigor roll.

    The text reads: "The injured character is dying and must make a Vigor roll at the start of his turn."

    While this does imply that wound penalties should apply, it seems like whether or not wound penalties apply to this roll should be explicitly stated here since we know the character will be wounded. Perhaps, as a simple reminder.

    Also, from what I understand, Healing a wound does incur penalties due to the patient's wounds while stabilizing someone with the Healing skill does not. I think it's worth clarifying this point on page 96, under "Bleeding Out" as it is kind of a "gotcha" that requires very precise reading of the rules.

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    Wound penalties always apply to oneself. The Bleeding Out text reads: Other characters may stop a victim’s bleeding by making a Healing roll (minus the patient’s Wound penalties as usual).