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Inconsistent Wording for Reroll Edges

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  • Inconsistent Wording for Reroll Edges

    The Charismatic Edge on page 38 says

    You may Reroll immediately
    after failing a Persuasion roll that’s not a
    Critical Failure.

    Which is simple repetition of the timing rules of Rerolls on page 89

    But the Acrobat Edge on page 48 and the Reliable Edge on page 51 have no reminder like this. It could make readers think there's something special about Charismatic's Reroll timing when there isn't and cause confusion.

    Incidentally it might be nice to spell out exactly under Rerolls what happens when an event can trigger multiple Rerolls. For example Charismatic allows a Reroll for failed Persuasion rolls while Reliable allows a Reroll for failed Support rolls. The Persuasion skill is often used for a Support roll and Charismatic and Reliable have enough thematic resonance that many builds will have both. So a failed Persuasion based Support roll triggering both Edges is hardly a corner case. As more books for Adventure Edition are released more Reroll based Edges are likely so game situations that could potentially trigger two, three, or possibly even four Reroll Edges will become more common.

    I assume that the player would pick one Reroll mechanic and if it succeeds or critical fails stop there but if it regular fails pick another Reroll mechanic and so on until the character runs out of possible rerolls or has a success or critical failure. But I had to take time to think about it and I see potential for confusion at the table.

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    Great point. Fixed!