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Telekinesis can't lift a human anymore

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  • Telekinesis can't lift a human anymore

    With the clarification about Encumbrance limits with the Telekinesis power, you unfortunately removed Telekinesis' most significant use: moving opponents. The new max weight is 100 lbs, with a raise. That means that, for 5 power points, you can pick up and throw a dog, but that's about it. Either the PP cost for the power needs to be cut down to 2, or you guys need to use Maximum Weight (4x Encumbrance) as the weight limit. It may be best to use Modifiers to scale Telekinesis' Strength die or max weight instead of leaving it static.

    I also would argue that Telekinesis is a very broad, very widely used power in a number of genres and needs more flexibility to it. I propose scaling the Strength of the power by PP cost, similar to Shape Change or Summon Ally. See this thread:

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    Fixed. Thanks