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    Throughout: We had a long review about what’s considered armed and unarmed for rules like “Unarmed Defender” and fighting with “Two Weapons.” We didn’t really want all beasts without claws to be “unarmed” (like wolves), so it made sense to say all creatures have “Natural Weapons” and are never unarmed (yes, even those with nothing but fangs, which we elaborate on in the book).

    For this reason, we removed the Bite/Claws section in the Situation Rules (page 98) and changed it to “Natural Weapons” on page 103. This change should be reflected throughout, simplifying Bite and Claws on the racial abilities tables, the Rakashan and Saurian archetypes, and various creatures. It also caused some changes to the language for Brawler, Martial Artist, and Martial Warrior as well.

    P26: Outsider. Rest to -2 for Minor and Major, no rights as Major.

    P28: Young got a rewrite and Minor and Major levels.

    P35: Added Scale as a modifier to Stealth (just like combat).

    P38: You can voluntarily decide to go Berserk now.

    P44: All Leadership Edges are now Extras-only until / unless you have Natural Leader.

    P45: Fixed turn / round confusion on Tactician and Master Tactician.

    P47: Ace Edge now ignores 2 points of penalties instead of granting a Reroll.

    P48: Acrobat now grants an Athletics Reroll, and a new Edge, Combat Acrobat, makes an unencumbered Acrobat -1 to hit.

    P51: Strong Willed adds to any opposed Smarts or Spirit roll.

    P52: Scavenger ability is now once per encounter.

    P66: Min Str of d4 was added in all places where it used to list “—“. This is for consistency and for those creatures or beings who actually have a Strength lower than d4.

    P68: Changed Notes / Range for Pepper Spray.

    P69: Added “Face” to Called Shots under Head or Vitals.

    P69: Changed ballistic vests to reduce damage from bullets by 4, reduced overall Toughness.

    P70: Changed Kevlar and certain other types of armor and shields to reduce damage from firearms / ballistics; reduced against other forms of damage.

    P72: Changed katana to two hands.

    P74: Changed the Derringer to the more common, Remington .41 rimfire version.

    P75: Took Snapfire off the M2 Browning, added RoF 1 and 2 to the BAR, and added that Min Str is ignored when a weapon is mounted on a bipod or tripod.

    P75: Changed Winchester ’76 to Winchester ’73.

    P76: Added this to Bombard: Reduce the penalty to –2 with precise coordinates (such as from a spotter).

    P77: Changed reload time on cannons to Reload 8, two crew may reload.

    P79: Fixed AT Mine to work with new vehicular Armor rules.

    P80: Added minimum RoF 2 weapons with a RoF 3 or higher.

    P82: Reverted Linked Weapons rules to +1/+2 for dual, +2/+4 for quad.

    P84: Anti-Personnel lasers changed to standard Gatling Lasers, and they now get Reaction Fire when mounted.

    P89: Made it clear that group rolls can be used for Wild Cards or mixed groups of Extras and Wild Cards.

    P93: Extreme Range. Reverted to original version (you must Aim

    P95, 101: Made it the GM’s call whether or not an Incapacitated hero is conscious or not.

    P95: Changed the Injury Table to make let hits a bit more common and head hits a bit more rare.

    P96: Fixed contradictory text in Healing. Each healer can try only once within the Golden Hour.

    P96: Healing. Added “subtract 1 without basic supplies.”

    P100: Clarified that the Drop only applies to one action.

    P101: Grappling rewrite.

    P102: Under Hold, removed: If the victim Soaks an attack and avoids the Shaken or Stunned result, she remains on Hold. If you Soak the damage of an attack you won’t be Shaken or Stunned by it.

    P102: Innocent Bystander: Cleaned and simplified RoF 2 / Shotguns.

    P103: Added “Natural Weapons” to define fangs, claws, etc. as “weapons.”

    P104: Push. Now opposed Strength rolls (but either can use Athletics if they choose).

    P106: Fixed incorrect Speed values.

    P106: Stunned. Clarified that it doesn’t stack, nor cause a Wound if a character is already Shaken or Stunned.

    P116-117: Clarified when Bumping occurs and how often, both under the Bump sidebar and under Damage on page 117. (Each attacker may only Bump a foe once per turn.)

    P116: Changed the Complications Table around a bit. Black cards are always Critical Failures now, and the penalties are spread out a bit better.

    P116: Clarified both Collisions and Crew entries to make sure they’re compatible.

    P117: Clarified attacks that equal or exceed Toughness cause a maneuvering roll.

    P117: Reaction Fire is now only once per round, per weapon.

    P132: Made Ammo & Power Points a hard formula (rather than “half”).

    P145: Added more guidance to what you can buy without rolling. About $10 x your Wealth die.

    P148: Reduced psi’s starting powers to 2.

    P150: Added Stunned to Disruption.

    P156: Boost/Lower Trait. Made it clear you continue resisting each turn, even if you fail.

    P158: Added “clothing” to disguise.

    P161: Changed farsight so that a success allows you to see detail at great range and a raise halves Range penalties. (Negating them completely every combat was felt to be a bit much.)

    P168: Fixed Duration on Sound / Silence.

    P179: Str 1 creatures can’t get bonus damage.

    P190: Dropped the damage on sunlight to vampires and they no longer catch fire. Even bloodsuckers need a little love now and then.

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    Already found and fixed:

    p62: Ace Summary should match full text... Aces ignore up to 2 points of penalties to any Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll.
    P108: Test. On a raise, the foe is also Shaken.