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  • 2.1 Change List

    Change List as of 12/16/2018

    We updated a 2.1 version tonight because of a couple of formatting errors that slipped through. The next update will likely be the end of next week.



    Changed “test” in the context of Trait “test” to roll or check to prevent confusion with “Tests”. We like the name “Test” since it covers physical, social, mental, and other types of tests of wills and “tricks,” so this seemed like the best option.

    Changed Retest to Reroll throughout for the same reason.

    P50: Fixed Provoke reference to Work the Room (should be Rabble-Rouser instead).
    P59: Fixed missing reference to Performance on Attractive and Very Attractive.
    P63: Fixed incorrect notations on Rabble-Rouser and Work the Room.
    P68: Added “Red Dot” to Laser sight entry.
    P69: Added medieval horse barding.
    P72: Changed “Toughness” to “Hardness” for modern / polymer shields.
    P73: Modern crossbow note fixed and added Reload 1.
    P74: Glock returned to AP 1.
    P76/80: Fixed Gatling laser in both places (here and page 80) to match SFC EXCEPT Min Str is correctly raised to d8. We’ll fix that in the next edition of the SFC as well.
    P84: Adjusted Hover Tank and APC via SFC rules.
    P89: Critical Failures. Clarified that Wild Die must be a 1 when a Wild Card rolls multiple dice.
    P93: Corrected Prone rules under Movement / Prone.
    P98: Added Grappling change, attacker gets Size, in quick summary at beginning of Bound & Entangled.
    P98: Fixed / clarified Bite/Claw for the Unarmed Defender rule.
    P99: Fixed typo on Running under Movement.
    P99: Fixed indention / formatting on Unarmored Area.
    P102: Hold. Removed reference to Evasion (holdover from last edition).
    P107: Suppressive Fire. Clarified that everything under the template can be Distracted. Up to the weapon’s ROF can actually take damage.
    P108: Fixed / clarified Bite/Claw for the Unarmed Defender rule.
    P109: Removed “two weapon” reference from end of Wild Attack.
    P112: Reference to ammo spots on Ally sheet removed (but will also add them).
    P128-129: Removed general Stun effect and added it just to Lethal poison. Clarified that Mild poison can’t cause Incapacitation.
    P147: Arcane Background sidebar. Clarified.
    P179: Slight adjustments to Size table and example creatures around Sizes 7 through 10.
    P186: Ogre Stats. Fixed duplicate Edge line.
    P189: Added Large swarms, and now Large can split into two Mediums, and Mediums can split into two Smalls (if the GM chooses).