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SWADE Change List 12-15-18

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  • SWADE Change List 12-15-18

    Philosophical Note
    Savage Worlds is designed around common sense. By the rules, you could wear a plate helmet and a bronze helmet underneath it (see Armor Stacking, page 65). That’s silly, of course, so we assume the GM controls her game and prevents that kind of issue. While we want the rules to be as clear as possible, it is a roleplaying game where anything can happen. For that reason we don’t want to define every single possible action or edge case—when you do, you imply that if a rule doesn’t exist for something, it can’t happen. We’ve seen that in other games and don’t like it. When in doubt, make your best guess, assign a modifier as you see fit, and move on. Thanks! Change List as of 12/15/2018

    Ubiquitous Throughout: Added the term “Scale” when referring to Small, Huge, etc. Size remains the granular number, Scale is the category it falls into.
    p10: Changed Skill Maximum:
    Skill Maximum: Skills may not be increased above d12 during character creation unless the character’s race starts with the skill as a racial ability (not a core skill). Each die type a hero starts with increases her maximum by +1. Celestials (page 20) start with a d4 in Faith, for example, which means their Faith skill may be increased to d12+1.
    P12 / 18: Construct clarifies that a Repair roll requires one hour per Wound level.
    P15: Replaced half-folk’s infravision with Spirited (Spirit d6), added in Slow.
    P18: Claws count as weapons.
    P26: Fixed Outsider and alternate uses throughout document.
    P27: Deleted this: Any attack that hits a leg has a 50% chance of hitting the prosthesis instead.
    We’ll leave that up to the GM to decide.
    P36: Thievery. Made it work like Stealth with simple success when targets aren’t aware and Notice when they are.
    P41: Added “or Stunned” to Counterattack.
    P41: Added “or Stunned” to First Strike.
    P41: Changed Improved Dodge to always let you Evade. (Remember, if an AoE doesn’t say you can evade, you can’t!)
    P45: Inspiration was changed to be a group Support mechanic (which can still help with Shaken allies as well).
    p46: Added this to Gadgeteer:
    The total cost of the power cannot exceed the points spent to create it.
    P48: Added Soldier Edge. This is important because of the change to Min Str of armor so that average “d6” soldiers can wear their armor without penalty. This Edge was added to all three Soldier profiles in the book as well.
    P50: Rabble-Rouser replaced the original intent of Work the Room, and better reflects its negative connotations. It’s also simpler and clarifies which skills it can be used with.
    P50-51: Bolster was greatly simplified.
    P50: Work the Room and Work the Crowd were changed to positive outcomes since those terms are generally positive. The negative effect was replaced with a new Edge, Rabble-Rouser.
    P52: Changed Beast Master options:
    • Gain an additional pet.
    • Increase one of the pet’s Traits one die type (only once per Trait).
    • Increase the maximum Size pet you may have by +1, to a maximum of 3.
    • Make one pet a Wild Card. (The hero must be of Heroic Rank).
    P56: Fixed Agility on Elderly Summary Table
    p59: Fixed Fleet-Footed error in Summary chart.
    P61: Fixed Trademark Weapon in Summary Table
    P62: Extra Effort summary fixed.
    P63: Added Reliable to the Edge Summary List
    p65: Added another reminder of how Armor is written: Toughness 11(2).
    p67: Encumbrance level clarified and numbers reset to even numbers.
    P67: Added Max Weight rules.
    p69: Added another reminder of how Armor is written: Toughness 11(2).
    P69: Changed Min Strength across the board (they were originally artificially low to ensure “d6” soldiers could operate with a chain mail and shield, but the Soldier Edge handles that now).
    P72: Greatly reduced the weights of most weapons (they were figured on “bulk” before…now that we have better Encumbrance and Min Str rules we made them real world weights).
    P72: Changed cost of Axe to 75
    P72: Changed Great axe cost to 400, AP 2, Parry -1
    P72: Maul: Removed AP
    P72: Warhammer: AP 1 (deleted “vs Rigid Armor”)
    P73: Increased Range of modern crossbow
    p75: Added Shotgun shells and slugs to table
    p75: Added minigun to Machine Guns
    p75: Added minimum Rate of Fire to machine-guns.
    P80: AT and Tank guns add a die of damage at half Short Range or closer.
    P82: Changed Heavy Armor to work with new military vehicle rules. You now get a bonus die when attacking Heavy Armor vehicles to the side or rear. (See next note.)
    P83: Simplified military / Heavy Armor vehicles to a single number. You now get a bonus die of damage when attacking side or rear instead. (Those vehicles that vary greatly on their side or rear will be given special notes in their description in future settings / new editions.)
    p92: Running: A hero can “run” as a free action once per turn, increasing her Pace for the round by her Running die at the cost of a –2 penalty to all other actions that turn. Running dice never Ace.
    P96: Added Crit Fail condition to Healing rolls.
    P98: The term “Hardness” applied throughout document to items such as nets, shields, etc.
    P98, P175: Creatures with Bite attacks only are considered unarmed.

    P98: Object Toughness. Fixed inconsistency with shield Hardness on page 71, added firearms.
    P100: Disarm. Clarified and added attacking the object.
    P100: Evasion. Greatly simplified. Remember that not all area effect weapons can be evaded.
    P101: Clarified Distracted / Vulnerable state with Grappling.
    P104: Push. Size added to attacker’s Athletics roll.
    P104: Readying Weapons was greatly simplified to better match Reloading.
    P105: Added the term “Scale” to distinguish between granular Size and the more general categories such as Tiny, Large, etc.
    P105: Reloading was simplified and clarified.
    P138: Fixed Backfire in example.
    P150: Disruption is resisted by Smarts, not Spirit.
    P156/175: Added monster burrow caveat to spell: Burrowers can’t usually gain surprise once their presence is known, but can still burrow for protection and mobility.
    P165: Added this modifier to mind wipe: Edit (+1): Instead of wiping the memory, the caster edits it as she sees fit instead.
    P166: Puppet. Rewrite. Please see doc for changes.
    P169: Teleport Other reworked as Touch attack.
    p175: Added another reminder of how Armor is written: Toughness 11(2).
    P175: Claws count as weapons.
    P177: Invulnerable and Weakness were clarified to remove the “Weakness” condition. What can harm (or prevent regeneration) in such creatures is listed there. Weakness is now separated from this concept, but still employed for additional damage.
    P179: Moved text between Size entry and Size Table notes; added the term “Scale” to distinguish between granular Size and the more general categories such as Tiny, Large, etc.
    P179: Swapped hippo and rhino on the Size Table.
    P182: Added Resilient to Drakes.
    P183: Changed Air Elementals from Ethereal to Gaseous Form.
    P186: Added Resilient to Minotaurs and Ogres.
    P189: Added Resilient to Trolls.