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  • Information on this Topic [Closed For Document Update]

    Hey all,

    This topic is just for compiling errata, typos, layout issues, and other similar information on Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. As in the Official Answers topics, replies are disabled, so each post must be its own thread. This helps us organize and consolidate the information.

    Be aware this thread is solely for posting actual errata and other issues, not asking general questions on design or the like. Feel free to start a new thread in one of the open topics (General Chat fits best) for such things, but understand we're pretty busy at the moment.

    It's harder for us to compile errata when the topic is cluttered with extraneous posts, and we want to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Thanks all and we really appreciate the help!

    UPDATE FROM SHANE: I'm going through all your posts, so please be patient and don't reply unless it's super important (it's better to start a new thread). Note that while I'm addressing as much as possible, sometimes we'll disagree, some things require some more thought, and some just won't fit. Doing our best and burning the midnight oil though.

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    Topic closed to posting while document is being updated.