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[DLWW] Knack: Born on Christmas

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  • [DLWW] Knack: Born on Christmas

    (Reposted since important part of quote was missed, sorry please delete first and edit this if you can)

    It mentions “targeted”, but I wanted to understand the intended mechanics of how to use this.

    Born on Christmas: A babe born on Christmas is particularly resistant to arcane effects powered by evil spirits. Only heroes with the Blessed or Shaman
    Arcane Background can take this Knack. If you wanted to take a different Arcane Background, this isn’t the Knack for you.
    When targeted by a power from any other Arcane Background, a hero with this Knack can spend a Benny to negate the effect and force the caster to make a Spirit roll (−4) or
    be Shaken.
    Does the Marshall tell them some9ne is casting on you and they decide if will spend the benny or do they get told what is being cast first or is it after a successful cast in either form I mentioned told or not?

    Or is it the most permissive and the target can decide AFTER the spell effects are determined?

    How is the Knack intended?