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Metal Mage overspent on Skill Points by 1

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  • Metal Mage overspent on Skill Points by 1

    Can't respond to the thread where I brought this up, so a new post with the breakdown.
    This is the Metal Mage's starting skills after removing the published Advancements.

    [1] Academics (Smarts) d4
    [0] *Athletics (Agility) d4
    [0] *Common Knowledge (Smarts) d4
    [1] Fighting (Agility) d4
    [0] *Language [English] (Smarts) d8
    [2] *Notice (Smarts) d6
    [1] Occult (Smarts) d4
    [1] *Persuasion (Spirit) d6
    [2] Repair (Smarts) d6
    [2] Research (Smarts) d6
    [2] Science (Smarts) d6
    [0] *Stealth (Agility) d4
    [1] Weird Science (Smarts) d4

    That's 13 points, but its easily corrected by making the Advance the archetype was shorted
    a two skill advance. i would recommend dropping Research to d4 at start and advancing it. Might add Shooting at a d4 as the second skill in the Advancement.

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    Originally posted by Jobe00 View Post
    [2] *Notice (Smarts) d6
    Notice is a core skill starting at d4, so only 1 point is spent to have a d6. That makes the total 12 points.
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