Hey all,

These topics are for questions on how the actual rules in the books work and that's all.

Questions on design reasoning or implementing alternate rules need to go elsewhere. Heck, anything that isn't some variation of "how does X rule work" needs to go in one of the other topics.

We want to keep these devoted solely to the purpose of "official answers," so it's easier to Search them without finding extraneous non-official posts.

Also keep in mind that only Pinnacle folks can reply in these topics. If you want opinions on a rule idea from the forum as a whole, not only is it not the right place to ask, but it's actually impossible for other members to participate.

Lastly, the assigned topic for questions is based on the actual source of the rule. So if the rule is in the core Savage Worlds rulebook or one of the Companions, ask in the first topic. If it appears in another Pinnacle product, ask in that topic please.

Thanks for your help and assistance!