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Deadlands Weird West Companion Question: Excalibur power

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  • Deadlands Weird West Companion Question: Excalibur power

    I was reading through the companion and I wanted to have a clarification on the intention of the Excalibur relic. Under the power it states "Excalibur also ignores the restrictions against raises on attacks, and damage rolls can ace when used against objects". Does this mean when attacking with Excalibur it can raise multiple times? Such as an attack against a parry of 5 with a roll of 13 would deal Str+d8+2d6 (from the double raise?). The other interpretation I see from it is that somethings might be immune to raise damage and Excalibur ignores that instead.

    Thank you very much for any clarification.

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    This has been changed. The Edge restriction thing has been removed. Damage against objects can Ace though.