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  • Hope I am not to late....

    P. 12 Creepy Crawlies - It isn't clear whether the steer attacked by the spider is the same as the one that falls through the ground (although it is implied on the next page that it wasn't; in Reloaded it was clear it was the second steer). Perhaps add other to "A heart beat later your other steer..."

    p. 25 Indicates the spy was hit by a lucky shot and a second shot hit his rocket (this was changed from reloaded). On p. 24 it is stated that he has a hole in a jacket with no corresponding wound (the spy obviously took the jacket from a corpse). No gunshot wound is mentioned on the body. I assumed in the Reloaded version that he died from his crash.

    p. 67 - Making contact with Sutter requires a Vigor (-2) roll and then says the -2 only applies to the pox walker. However, Sutter is not the pox walker, but just a victim. I do not believe the -2 should apply to those who make contact with him (but only those making contact with his nemesis).

    p. 70 - Sick/Weird wolves - Toughness should be listed as Toughness: 9(2) due to the armor. Also, why the change of names between the entry in the text and the stat block (same issue with Nest of Snakes/Snake Swarm earlier in the book).

    Altogether, a impressive update to a solid adventure.