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  • Various issues

    Great product, enjoyed the changes to the updated setting. Looks like this flows well. A few potential tweaks/corrections. Thanks!

    p81 - "Cowboy" - write-up refers to Lazy S cowboys, but they have a separate profile on p82. Should this perhaps be a generic Cowboy/North Star Cowboy description?
    p63 - Opening Volleys (whole chapter) - Cowboys described but points to Gunman profile. Should it perhaps sometimes point to the Cowboy profile? Albeit there seems to be a distinction between "Cowboys" (Gunman profile) and Hands (Cowboy profile) so may be deliberate?
    p82 - Lazy S Cowboys list Guts as a Hindrance instead of an Edge.
    p93 - Ranch Hand Sheet. Lazy S Cowboys list Guts as a Hindrance instead of an Edge (again).
    p13 - Luke Canton described as a "leather old cowboy", which doesn't match his youthful art on p10.
    p61 - Makes much more sense if you add "just" (my addition in bold) "The owner, Rufus Burke, long ago figured out the Northern Star cowboys weren’t just the only ones buttering his bread, but also the ones bringing the bread and butter to the table in the first place."
    p77 - Lazy S cowboy profile refers to p81, should be p82 instead.
    p6 - "more traditional" in back to back paragraphs with different meanings - "more traditional Western experience" and "A more traditional posse of mad scientists, hucksters, shamans," - suggest changing one of these.