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Inconsistencies in Quicksand Rules

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  • Inconsistencies in Quicksand Rules

    Pg. 24 under the heading "Quicksand" provides rules for players rescuing wayward steers caught in quicksand via Riding rolls. Pg. 45-46 under the heading "Sinking Sand" similarly provides rules for dealing with quicksand involving Strength rolls. Are these intended to be alternate rules for dealing with Quicksand, or is the quicksand described on page 24 intended to be of a different quality than that described on pages 45 and 46 that would require a different set of rules to adjudicate. It might be useful to unify rules for dealing with quicksand in a sidebar or something similar to prevent confusion. As it stands the two rules seem to have different skills required and consequences for failure that might lead to players trying to inappropriately apply what they learned in the first quicksand encounter to this second one.