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  • Error in Duel example

    Re-read the dueling section because of zgreg's post. I found an error. Zeke initially gets an 8 for his Hole Card. He then picks up a 7. Gabe makes him discard a card which was the 7. So he still has the 8. Third round says " Gabe’s Nine beats Zeke’s 7 so he goes first." It should say Zeke's 8. It doesn't change the outcome but can be confusing. Also should be consistent and use either the numbers or the words. There are examples of both throughout the whole section.(.i.e. Nine, Seven, 7, 8)

    And for zgreg's post, I don't think it's an error, since Zeke was interrupted and didn't get to begin his turn yet so he should be able to roll for Shaken before his action. But, maybe to clarify instead of just saying "Gabe wins and fires first," say something like Gabe successfully interrupts Zeke before he can start his turn.