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  • Topic Paused Pending Next Draft

    Hi all,

    This topic is temporarily paused for new posts until the next draft is released. Currently, we think that will be this Friday at some point, but sometimes you find yourself out of Bennies when you least expect it. So no promises other than the usual; we'll do our best.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the fantastic feedback! We fixed lots of minor typos and made many clarifications we won't present in the change list, but here are the most important. We'll do a detailed change list for the next version, which should hopefully be fairly minor.
    • Arcane Backgrounds: We went through and double checked the powers list, and changed some of the Prerequisites.
    • Explosives: We did a major overhaul on explosives.
    • Gear: We repriced some items.
    • Duels: We clarified some of the edge cases.
    • Rangers: Nothing changes about the Texas Rangers, but we've added something I (Shane) have wanted to do for a few years and expanded them into the "Territorial Rangers." Essentially, Marshals have jurisdiction in states and Rangers have jurisdiction in territories. Texas is a state but retains its Rangers just like in the real world. Rangers can still cross state and territorial lines, so you can still play a Texas, Arizona, Colorado, etc., Ranger and travel all over the West. For the record, this has nothing to do with the current issues in the US. This was done purely to keep the Rangers in the monster hunting role we have them in now and make a bit more sense why a *Texas* Ranger is enforcing the law somewhere far from home.


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      Hi all!

      We've reopened this topic for the newest release. Before anyone posts, a couple of notes...

      First, see Shane's post for the major changes made above.

      Second, we did go through all of the posts in the other thread. If there was a suggested change that wasn't made, then it was by choice not omission. The reason may or may not be obvious. It might be simply preference or possibly due to future (as of yet unstated) plans for Deadlands. As always, each group is free to play or change aspects of the game however they want, but these decisions stand.

      On that note, we'd respectfully request that such requests not be repeated. As noted in the main Guidelines post, we're looking for errata, typos, layout issues, and other similar information. Posts that don't fall under that criteria. including repeat posts, make it harder to organize and consolidate the information. We don't want this to take any longer than you do, so we hope you'll help us out there.

      Thanks for your time and all the great feedback we already received!


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        Hi folks,

        For those wondering what the changes were between Version 2.0 and 3.0, please see below. For this next round of edits we're looking for only the most critical of errors. Thanks!

        PRERELEASE 3.0

        Representation (throughout)
        Replaced all instances of “Indian brave” with “Indian warrior”
        Denied Edges (page 17)
        Removed Mentalist
        Gallows Humor (page 18)
        Changed three instances of “Fear test” to “Fear check”
        Fan the Hammer (page 19)
        Capitalized “Wild Die”
        Snakeoil Salesman (Page 20)
        This Edge was removed.
        Damned (Page 23)
        Corrected page reference for Harrowed.
        Right Hand of the Devil (page 23)
        Clarified thatevery weapon touched does not become a Relic by adding typically, “Whichever weapon your shootist typically uses in his favored hand...”
        Gear Table (pages 27-28)
        Indented listings for related services
        Changed fractional weights to decimals
        Changed instances of “Small Improvised Weapon” to “Light Improvised Weapon”
        Speed loader weight changed from 1 to .25
        Rope noted as “20 yards” rather than 10” for consistency
        Melee Weapons (page 29)
        Changed whip Min. Str to d4
        Personal Gatling Weapons (page 31)
        Rescoped pistol to RoF 3 and added additional Shots to Pistol, Carbine, and Rifle.
        Weapon Tables (pp 30-31)
        Various weapon damages adjusted.
        Replaced ahistorical DA Colt Peacemaker with Colt Frontier
        Added thrown weapons (spear, tomahawk, war axe, lance, knife, bowie knife)
        Corrected thrown weapon weights to match Melee Weapons Table
        Derringer and pepperbox damage reduced.
        Renamed Springfield rifle to Springfield Rifled Musket
        Renamed Scattergun Sawed-off Shotgun
        LeMat Grapeshot shotgun changed to 20g, name changed to LeMat Revolver
        Shotguns (page 31)
        "If a shooter fires fire both barrels at the same target, roll damage once and add +4. See Savage Worlds." removed from the header
        Renamed Scattergun to Sawed-Off.
        Explosives (page 32)
        Added 0 before decimals
        Epitaph camera (page 35)
        Clarified that the camera does not record movies
        Armor Table (page 35)
        Moved note from bottom of table to merge with text at top of table
        Flamethrower (page 36)
        Added Heavy Weapon note.
        Changed Shots to 6 and dropped weight to 15.
        Water Vehicles (page 37)
        Added Scale “(Large)” to Maze runner and submersible boat Size column
        Duelin’ (pages 47-48)
        A few changes:
        Distracted and Vulnerable no longer double up. Treat them as usual except they last till the end of the Duel).
        Clarified that you can’t Aim in a duel.
        Bystanders have no additional effect on a Raise when Testing in a duel.
        Having an additional Hole Card higher than your foe’s in the third round gives you +d6 to the damage roll of your first shot.
        Being on Hold in the third round with a Joker doesn’t let you automatically interrupt, but does still give you its +2 bonus to do so.
        Throwdown at Black Rock (page 49)
        Changed first sentence to the snappier, "Gabe faces down Zeke, a low-down, thievin’ cattle rustler from Bleedin’ Kansas."
        Agents (Page 53)
        Agents now get their mnemomizer at Grade 2 instead of Grade 3 to better parallel Territorial Rangers.
        Promotion & Favors (page 53)
        Clarified that soldiers also use this table.
        Removed Injury entry.
        Changed promotion rolls.
        Mnemomizer (page 54)
        Success equals mind wipe “with a raise”
        Use the mad science malfunction table
        Flock (page 56)
        Clarified that allies Advance as in Savage Worlds
        Chi Masters (page 57)
        Detect arcana, added “(not obscure)”
        Speed, added “(not sloth)”
        Celestial Kung Fu (page 58)
        p58, Monkey - "contorting and twisting in odd ways that throws off surrounding foes" - changed to "throw off", because the subject of the clause is plural ("ways").
        p58, Celestial Kung Fu, first paragraph - the word "its" doesn't refer to anything in the sentence. Changed to "as she masters the mystical and physical aspects of her art".
        Superior, “as a free action at the start of your turn”
        Celestial, “as a free action at the start of your turn”
        Harrowed (page 60)
        "your hero’s luck with the opposite sex" - changed to “your hero’s luck in amorous affairs”
        Undeath (Page 61)
        Added this: The resurrection power can restore a Harrowed to life. If this occurs, the demon is slain and he loses all his Harrowed abilities. Of course the manitou does everything in its power to prevent such a thing!

        Soul Eater (Page 62-63)
        Added “may make a Spirit roll” in case you didn’t want to (for instance if you have Don’t Get ‘im Riled).
        Order of St. George (page 62)
        Removed reference to this organization
        Huckster Power List (Page 64)
        Added sound/silence to powers list.
        Dealing with the Devil (page 65-66)
        Critical Failure on the Gambling roll now causes a roll on the Backfire Table AFTER the spell is resolved.
        Clarified you cannot cheat on your Gambling roll.
        Gambling now gives one card with success and two with a raise.
        Jokers no longer cause Backfire, and in fact get you your (ante) Benny back!
        Trappings (Page 66)
        We clarified what’s generally visible when hucksters cast their hexes and what’s not.
        Hexslingers (Page 67)
        You can now have more than one hex gun, and can use someone else’s as well.
        Taking the Edge gives you the ammo whammy power for free.
        Old Hand Edge (Page 67)
        This Edge has a new effect to accommodate the change to Jokers when Dealing with the Devil.
        Old Hand
        Requirements: Heroic, Arcane Background (Huckster), Spellcasting d10+
        With knowledge comes power, and this huckster knows when to say when. After you form a five card poker hand when Dealing with the Devil, you can discard up to three cards and redraw!

        Whateley Blood (page 67)
        All Whateleys are unsettling (-1 Persuasion). If you want to make a beautiful, exotic Whateley, you can take those Edge separately. (+1 Persuasion is no longer an option.)
        Ghost Rock (page 68)
        Burns five times hotter than coal, not 100 times hotter
        Alchemy (Page 69)
        Powers List: Added numb.
        Drinking a potion is an action.
        Agents (Page 52) / Rangers (Page 74) and the Twilight Legion
        Clarified that Agents and Rangers know of the Twilight Legion, but must still be invited as individuals.
        Page 72
        Period added to end of last sentence on this page
        Army Organization (page 73)
        Changed or to and in "A company officially consists of 100 men and women led by a captain or major."
        Holy Symbol (Page 76)
        Clarified overlap with Vampire’s standard Weakness to holy symbols (and added it to nosferatu).
        Sanctify (page 77)
        Clarified Critical Failure.
        Trinkets (page 77)
        Changed cost of Trinkets to 3 Power Points
        Wilderness Walk (page 77)
        Clarified text, "After walking at least one mile, every three miles counts as one"
        Backfire Table (page 88)
        Clarified that Backfire only occurs on Critical Failure
        Sioux Nations Encounters (page 99)
        Replaced “pole men” with “devil bats”
        Mechanization (page 108)
        Referred to CSA as “their” and “its” in same sentence; changed both to its
        page 108
        Last paragraph, changed “begun” to “began”
        page 111
        "the four Servitors are protected by their unholy masters" changed to "were protected"
        The Great Basin (page 115)
        Changed “tenuous war” to “tenacious war”
        Knights Ferry (page 120)
        Inserted period after “secret”
        Ravenites (130)
        Clarified who the Ravenites are, aka Order of the Raven
        Sioux Nations Tech (page 131)
        Clarified that characters in the Sioux Nations have the All Thumbs Hindrance when using manufactured technology
        Ranger (page 137)
        Changed reference to “Arizona Ranger”
        China Mary (pp 137-138)
        Replaced China Mary’s historical motto, “Them steal, me pay,” with “When China Mary sends workers to a site, she always guarantees repayment for any breakage or theft—and she makes good on that promise.”
        Rail Wars (page 141, 142)
        Added rail icons for Empire Rail and Lone Star lines.
        Servitors (page 148)
        Deleted extraneous word “must” from paragraph 3, inserted “but” for better flow
        Creatures (Page 154)
        Clarified that manitous ignore Fear Level penalty when they’re in charge of a Harrowed (the mortal doesn’t though).
        Carcajou (page 159)
        Corrected Toughness
        Deleted Daunting Special Ability in favor of Rabble-Rouser Edge.
        Page 160
        Corrected layout
        Devil Bat (Page 162)
        Clarified Death from Above.
        Gremlin (page 168)
        Corrected Toughness
        Corrected layout
        Humbug (page 170)
        Sonic attack resisted with Vigor
        Razor Roach (page 182)
        Added Scale “(Small)” to Size bullet
        River Leviathan (page 182)
        Clarified Heavy Armor
        Sand Viper (page 183)
        Added Scale “(Small)” to Size bullet
        Large Terrantula (page 186)
        Changed bite damage to Str+d6
        Added Scale “(Small)” to Size bullet
        Tummy Twister (page 188)
        Added "at" in "cowpoke who drinks infested water makes a Vigor roll at -2"
        Tumblebleed (page 189)
        Added Scale “(Small)” to Size bullet
        Uktena (page 190)
        Corrected layout
        Werecritter (page 193)
        Removed extraneous mention of lesser versions not having Invulnerability
        Jodi Black
        Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
        Pinnacle Entertainment Group
        The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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          Topic on hold.


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            Change list from Version 3 PRERELEASE to Release 1.0. Thanks everyone for your help!

            Skills (page 14)
            Noted Trade skill explicitly as “Trade (Smarts)” for consistency with SWADE
            OId Ways Oath (Page 16)
            Changed effect to, “Those who remain true to their vows get a free reroll on any Spirit roll.” Reroll is lost temporarily if Old Ways are violated.
            Archetypes sidebar (page 17)
            Changed reference to Vow Hindrance to “Obligation”
            Born in the Saddle (Page 20)
            Clarified and updated.
            Gatling Gun Belt (page 29)
            100-round belt is “5 lbs unloaded, 21 lbs loaded, $12”
            Firearms (pp 34–35)
            Clarified which weapons are cap and ball revolvers and corrected Ammunition Table (page 28)
            Dehydraded Air Tablets (Page 34)
            Changed Duration to 10 minutes.
            Miscellaneous Devices (page 35)
            Re-alphabetized “Powered de-moler”
            Armor (page 35)
            Lowered weights to be less prohibitive: Heavy Armored Vest and Light Armored Duster weigh 10, Heavy Armored Duster weighs 20
            Steam Saw (page 36)
            Clarified that Critical Failure is a Malfunction and that ghost steel backpack is included
            Duelin’ (p 48)
            Clarified that Distracted and Vulnerable do not stack
            Clarified that the Marksman Edge (which gives the benefit of Aim, but is not “aiming”) is allowed
            Fixed the Example Throwdown at Black Rock to match the current updated.
            Favors (p 53)
            Clarified that Favors spent are “based on” Agent grade, not “equal to” it
            Chi Master (Page 57)
            Subtracted intangibility, added curse.
            Harrowed Resurrection (page 61)
            Added note to Marshal’s section (p. 88) to clarify how a manitou might prevent resurrection:
            “A particularly crafty manitou might “save” a chance to take Dominion at a later date, in case it needs to act decisively to save its unlife or its host starts thinking about resurrection.”
            Mad Scientists (page 68)
            Added line to Weird Science bullet: “Unless contradicted here, they use the rules for Weird Scientists in Savage Worlds, including Jury Rig (which may require ghost rock, Marshal’s call).”
            True Genius Edge (Page 70)
            Clarified to apply effect to both Mad Science and Infernal Device Malfunction Table.
            Numb (page 76)
            Clarified that caster is also affected
            Wilderness Walk (Page 77)
            Added a raise effect.
            Harrowed and Arcane Backgrounds (Page 88)
            Changed to say:
            Arcane Backgrounds: Those who channel positive energy or commune with good or neutral spirits for their power, such as blessed, voodooists, shamans and the like, access their powers normally. The manitou can’t use their powers when it has Dominion, however.
            Those who channel negative energy or deal with malignant spirits, such as hucksters, mad scientists, or witches also retain their powers, but so does the manitou! The latter even add +2 to arcane skill rolls while they’re in charge of the host.

            Veteran o’ the Weird West (page 91)
            There’s no “double Joker” result. A character who draws both Jokers (a vanishingly rare occurrence) receives the effects for black and red Joker.
            Changed “Cursed” result to “Forsaken”
            Encounter Tables (p 98)
            Corrected numbering in Great Basin and Great Maze Sea tables
            Fortune Teller (page 101)
            Changed pejorative “gypsy” to “Romani”
            California (pp 115, 117, 118)
            Clarified California’s status as a territory
            Tombstone (page 136)
            Corrected founding date to 1874 (per Deadlands canon)
            Werecritters (page 193)
            An abomination has a Wild Card symbol only if ALL examples of the creature are Wild Cards.
            Jodi Black
            Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
            Pinnacle Entertainment Group
            The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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              Here are some of the changes from Release 1.0 to Release 2.0 for Deadlands: the Weird West core rules. We may have missed some (too busy working to track). Thanks all!

              p. 15 Thanks to your feedback, we altered and strengthened our statement on Racism and Slavery in the Old West

              Agent Edge (pp. 20, 52)

              Removed Research d6+ Requirement

              p.21: Modified Promotion for heroes with the Soldier Edge

              Veteran o’ the Weird West Edge (pp 18–19)

              Deleted the following line from the Edge:

              “If you draw a Joker, draw again and tell your Marshal whether you drew a black card or a red card (or another Joker).”

              El Cheapo Gear (p 25)

              Changed “anything a cowpoke might use in a skill roll” to “Trait roll”

              Armor (page 35)

              Revised Min. Str. for Armor as follows:

              Armored vest/corset (light)—d4, Armored duster (light)—d6, Armored duster (heavy)—d8

              p.53: Changed Favors to come from Tale Tellin’ rather than Commendations and Promotions

              p.53: Updated Values and descriptions of Favors for Agents and Rangers

              p.53: Added option for Agents and Rangers to use Bennies to call upon organizational support

              p.53: Added some information about Agent Authority

              p.53 & p.74: Altered Promotion information for Agents and Rangers from random to Edge-driven

              p.53: Removed Commendations for Agents and Rangers

              p.54: Added Agency Promotion Edge for Agents

              Dealing with the Devil (p 65)

              Not a free action. Changed “Dealing with the Devil is a free action but can only be attempted once per turn.” to “Dealing with the Devil is an action which includes casting the spell but can only be attempted once per turn.”

              p.74: Added a Ranger Promotion Edge for Rangers

              Curse power (page 76)

              Duration changed to Instant

              Walkin’ Fossil (p 191)

              Stats changed to:

              Agility d6

              Smarts d4

              Spirit d8

              Strength d12

              Vigor d10

              Athletics d6

              Fighting d8

              Notice d6

              Stealth d4

              Survival d6

              Jodi Black
              Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
              Pinnacle Entertainment Group
              The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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                Deadlands: the Weird West Companion Changes from v2 to v2.1
                Adjusted stats of numerous rascals to make them less superpowered characters.

                Changes from v2.1 to 2.2
                P11. Corrected page reference on Spirit Sight
                P16. Corrected the US Marshal Promotion and commendation section to bring it into line with the
                Agents and Rangers. US Marshals now only get Favors from Tale Tellin’ in line with the other character
                P18. Corrected Favored Edge to refer to Faith
                P18. Voodooists gain the Been to the Crossroads Edge, that allows them reroll on Faith rolls.
                P72. Corrected the names of the James Gang
                P77. Increased “Bloody” Bill Quantrill’s Strength and Vigor (and Toughness) to account for his
                Supernatural Attribute Edges
                P82. Replaced Voodoo d8 with Faith d8 on the Voodooist
                Jodi Black
                Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
                Pinnacle Entertainment Group
                The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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                  Deadlands: the Weird West Archetype (Set 2) Changes from v1 to v2

                  Corrected the Cowgirl’s Born in the Saddle Edge and switched Beast Master to Beast Bond (this modified her starting cash, too).
                  Removed Humiliate from Saloon Gal (didn’t meet requirement) and boosted Smarts to improve chance of a successful Retort.
                  Vaquero changed order of advances to choose Fan the hammer last (Seasoned)
                  Dropped the Strength of the Witch to raise Spirit (for AB requirements)
                  Jodi Black
                  Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
                  Pinnacle Entertainment Group
                  The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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                    Deadlands: the Weird West GM Screen Adventure Showdown at Sundown Changelist v1

                    Page 8: Corrected Gus Cantrell’s stats.
                    Page 16: Changed Nelson to Norman.
                    Page 22: Changed Jolie to Louise.
                    Page 30: Garcia's shootist power changed to ammo whammy.
                    Page 31: Buck Norman’s Ugly Hindrance is Ugly (Minor)

                    Page 31: Added the Agent Edge to Showboat
                    Page 32: Removed Mad Science Skill from Gao. Changed his Medicine skill to Healing and added Driving for his steam wagon.

                    Jodi Black
                    Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
                    Pinnacle Entertainment Group
                    The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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                      Deadlands: the Weird West core rule Changelist 5

                      Clarified that Crit Failure on the final Spellcasting roll when Dealing with the Devil incurs all the negative consequences (Fatigues, spell failure, and roll on the backfire table).
                      Jodi Black
                      Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
                      Pinnacle Entertainment Group
                      The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]


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                        Deadlands: the Weird West core rules Change List 6
                        Reduced the cost of Lockpicks to $5

                        Archetype Cards (set 2): Changelist
                        Corrected the ammo on the Marshal’s Colt Frontier.
                        Corrected the wording on the Vaquero’s Born in the Saddle Edge.
                        Standardized the wording on the Cowgirl’s Born in the Saddle Edge.

                        Deadlands: the Weird West Companion Changelist to v3
                        No Material Changes

                        Infernal device & adventure Cards: Changelist
                        Clarified a couple of Adventure cards
                        Changed the Steam Gatling art
                        Replaced the armor with an electrostatic belt

                        Crater Lake Chronicles solo adventures: Changelist
                        Added an intro section about rest and power points

                        Showdown at Sundown: Changelist
                        P2. Added to the credits page
                        Corrected the name of the town on the map
                        P29. Removed references to Lucius being in Horror at Headstone Hill. We’ll use him again in the future, but elsewhere.

                        Horror at Headstone Hill: Changelist
                        Updated Title Page, Credits, and Contents pages
                        P8. Uinta county map – added missing secret trail.
                        P18. Updated the town map with missing location
                        P21. Charley’s Ugly Hindrance is now (Minor)
                        P35. Angus was missing his Enemy Hindrance
                        P93. Dutch Gristy Driving skill became Riding
                        P107. Blind Gunslinger Bade Eyes Hindrance is now (Major)
                        P108. Corrected the location of the Wichita Witch stats
                        P117. Creeping Shadows were missing Notice d8
                        P118. Gabriel Hound’s Tracking skill became Survival
                        Handout E – Corrected the reference to the discovery of the Headstone Nugget
                        Night Hoss Adversary Card – was missing a space in the name.
                        Jodi Black
                        Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor
                        Pinnacle Entertainment Group
                        The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]