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Classic adventures in the plot points.

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  • Classic adventures in the plot points.

    In skimming the plot point campaigns, I have seen references to Classic Adventures. I am looking at starting a campaign with a group that I eventually hope to run through the Plot Point campaigns. I want to start with Classic material but am concerned there are Classic adventures that will spoil things in the plot points. Does anyone know of any of the Classic adventures that would spoil the plot points?

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    In short, no. Classic Adventures all take place prior to the earliest plot point campaign. I think the farthest forward the classic adventures go is 1877 and the earliest plot point is December 1879.
    Apologies if I am a little brusque, I'm not meaning to be rude.


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      I interspersed my Last Sons campaign with flashback to the iconic adventures that are referenced in several Savage Tales. I'm using it as a way of showing the guidance of the ancient Indian Jordrava in the travels.
      I made a posse of different characters for them to play during the flashbacks, and I must say, it's turning out quite enjoyable. They are really paranoid about coming to Dodge after facing the Butcher there, in the flashback of Independence Day, for example.

      I posted a bit about it on the old forum.