Hello everyone,

I am new to Savage Worlds and am getting into Deadlands: Reloaded. Getting back into RPG and introducing the kids to a genre outside of D&D. I love the background of Deadlands and the kids and my gaming group are excited to try this out. Is there a list somewhere that shows the releases of the Deadlands: Reloaded products - rules, adventures, references and gaming aides? I found a Wikipedia link that only lists products up to 2012 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...lands_Reloaded). I don't want to mix up any products with the Classic Deadlands. I'm looking to put in a big, bundle order from Pinnacle's website. Wanting to make sure I get the right stuff.

Also, does anyone know if Pinnacle will be bringing back some hardback print books of the Player's Guide? I see that it is in PDF version only.