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  • New Orleans weird West

    Hi all

    Just a quick question I cannot find any details on Louisiana or New Orleans in the new deadlands SWADE rules I got from the kickstarter the city is on the map and its mentioned as the home base of the baron.

    Can anyone point me to a settings book for this or where the details might be for the current status of NOLA? On a site note is there a new version of noir coming?

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    What's NOLA?

    New Orleans not being in the West it's not really surprising that it's not in the core book and I don't think the area has been updated into the current timeline/edition. Your best bet is to get copies of the classic era books and do a little updating for how you want to present the area.
    Of the top of my quick Google for which books are the best bet, River O' Blood, Hexarcana and The Black Circle.

    If you only have new books then the Companion has Voodoo related stuff and may give some guidance on New Orleans, but I've still not read it so can't say for sure.
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      What's NOLA?
      New Orleans, LouisianA

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      Right. Can be confusing to us non American types. Like me saying I'm from BDT.

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    Hey all, thanks for the advice I appreciate it (NOLA yes is New Orleans, LouisianA) All my mates from USA say it (I am also a non-American type)