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    As a way of introducing a group of players new to Savage Worlds and Deadlands, I've been trying to find ways to consolidate information into manageable chunks. During character creation we find out that the current year is 1881 (we'll be starting with the Stone and a Hard Place Plot Point), but what does that mean?

    That is, what major events occurred during the characters lifetimes? During their parents and grandparents lifetimes? Has anyone worked on something like this? I have seen a few very good timelines (e.g. Timeline of DOOM), but they are too detailed. I don't need 41 pages, I need 1 page.

    Covering maybe from 1800-1880. Does anyone have anything like this?

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    1863 - July 3, The Reckoning happens and magic returns to the world.
    1865 - Both nations officially end slavery. The Confederacy does so to secure British aid. The United States does so to reestablish moral authority.
    1868 - August, the Great Quake hits California, dropping about a third of the land mass into the Pacific, leaving the coast a shattered maze of islands and plateaus. Tens of thousands die either immediately or in the aftermath, and many cities are destroyed, but the huge deposits of the revolutionary mineral Ghost Rock are exposed.
    1870 - The C.S.A. attacks Washington, D.C., armed with ghost rock enabled weapons including flamethrowers and flying machines.
    1871 - President Grant creates an incentive for the first company to establish a transcontinental railroad, inadvertently starting the Great Rail Wars.
    1877 - California holds a referendum, and chooses to be an independent nation. Speculation is widespread over how long that will last.
    1878 - An armistice is signed between the C.S.A. and U.S.A., unofficially ending the War Between the States.
    1880 - January, the Great Rail Wars nominally end as Wassatch Rail reaches the coastal theocracy of Lost Angels. The remaining companies step up operations to try and establish a sustainable posture before their creditors come calling.
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    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I love it! Thank you ValhallaGH!