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DL Town Maps 1 - Front - where do the stairs go?

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  • DL Town Maps 1 - Front - where do the stairs go?

    I assume all the dark brown stairs where 2 ways up are "porches" but on the Front map right side - the gambling saloon - where does the top right stairs lead - is that left to imagination or connects to some other map?

    I think the bottom stairs look like they just leade to the stage, right? And those are curtains covering it or is it a curved wall and I am wrong?

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    It doesn't make sense for those stairs to lead upstairs to rented rooms, because they are blocked off to the customers (they'd have to go behind the bar or maybe one of the girls takes them behind the curtain at the south end of the stage. A basement area is the only thing that makes sense.


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      The stairs you're talking about are probably going to the basement. The grand, carpeted stairs in the main room heads upstairs. To my knowledge, there is no map of the upstairs.


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        That’s great - U was trying to match those two maps together as one place and I couldn’t see it.

        there being no map to upstairs is easy enough to work with. Since I can’t look at the two maps I mentioned now, I can’t be sure, but I don’t think the non grand salon one looked promising me a basement maps so that’s unconnected as well it appears.