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  • Hang him....And Hang his horse!!

    So in excitement for my new Deadlands pledge and to get more ideas for the campaign I have been watching Westerns. I did all the obvious ones. The Quick and the Dead, Deadwood from HBO, Tombstone. All the obvious ones. Then I discovered The Adventures of Brisco County. I believe Bruce Campbell has lent his fame to the Deadlands team before. Great series. You can get it on Amazon Prime at a steal.

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    Another great western TV show to watch is Godless on Netflix! It's a mundane western story, but one of the best I've ever seen.


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      Loved it!

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    A great western is Shane. Watch it! It'll make you feel like less of a man. Not only will you be sobbing from the moving story, you'll realize you'll never be as great of a person as Shane.


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        A great book that might help is The Hawkline Monster. Just strange enough to fit right into Deadlands.


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          Not saying great movies, but both I walked away thinking someone had put their deadlands game to movie

          Jonnah Hex
          Wild Wild West


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            I’ve made this comment here before, but “Bone Tomahawk”…

            Man. I’m not even sure I like this movie, if I’m being honest, and it’s arguably a little um… problematic in its depiction of Native Americans, but it haunts me. Definitely do not watch if you can’t handle some graphic violence.


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              I did a scenario bases on Bone Tomahawk, making the bad guys into the stone warriors that have a pact with an evil elemental. Just a quick night Raid kidnapping the PC that was absent, a nice chase sequence to get back to the cave and then a final shootout/battle in the caves. Worked great, and using some screenshot from the movie were awesome for the mood.