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Figure Flats for Crater Lake Chronicles

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  • Figure Flats for Crater Lake Chronicles

    Does anyone else want figure flats for the characters and monsters in the Crater Lake Chronicles? I know it's a solo adventure, but so much of the combat is still described using language that I think having a battle map (and one of those would be cool too) would be nice, and having figures to place on that map would be nice to. Just thinking out loud.

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    I just now came across this module. When did this hit the virtual shelves at Pinnacle? They usually do a great job at getting the word out regarding Deadlands products.


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      It was included (digitally) in the All-In Marshal's level of Deadlands Weird West for sure. I have it as a PDF. It was also an option to add on the hardcover separately. Not sure when it hit their online store. And yup, I usually get informed via newsletter when they add something but I don't think I would have noticed it since I backed all those at start.

      Once I start playing, I'd love to go through that and "unroll the loop" as they say in my biz and maybe turn it into a solo module in more "standard" format. No clue if it applies itself to that easily but one would think going solo to GM+Player would be natural.