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Issue with the Deadlands The Weird West PDF files

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  • Issue with the Deadlands The Weird West PDF files

    Me and my players are noticing issues with the PDF files - when opened for prolonged time they cause the Adobe Acrobat & Reader application to fail with Out of memory message. This happens only with DLWW books (mainly The Weird West but I also noticed this in the Companions). The SWADE one is perfectly fine for example. Also I noticed that when opened, the laptop is starting to make weird sounds vie its speakers (I kid you not... ). I have no explanation on the latter, but the former happens every time that I spend more than 2-3 hours with files opened and browse them back and forth. So far 3-4 people told me the issue occurs very often.

    Since the feedback forum is closed, I post this here.

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    Have you tried [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)] in Acrobat or using a different pdf reader? Updating Acrobat reader might help (doesn't show up in "known issues" any more, but think it was there in the past) - sorry if you're already on the latest version? I had the same issue and this fixed it for me.


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      I was going to recommend updating Acrobat as well. As Harlath said, I had a similar issue and that fixed it.

    • Harlath
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      Thanks PEGClint, glad it worked for you too. And thanks for all of your great work on the game.

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    I am not sure what to try in the Security (Enhanced) configuration, if you let me know which setting & why I have to check I will do it.

    In general I am using Adobe Acrobat DC. Every time latest as it is the extort... ops subscription model. Issue is the same with Acrobat or the Reader. I see there is update now, which I will install and observe how it behaves with DLWW PDFs in the following days.

    PS: Alternative PDF reader - I used the native Edge/Firefox for testing, looked OK but those do not report the issue as Adobe does, but those are very basic readers that are limiting. Alternative are not an option, as they are either bloated or does not have the Acrobat functionalities.


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      Apologies, got half way through writing previous post and missed the last step. Some people find turning off protected view helps them - that and the update have seemed to do the trick for me. Good luck!


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        The new version didn't help much, the weird "scratching noise" is still occurring while scrolling the PDFs. Any settings in the protected view does not result in different outcome. I am very puzzled by this situation