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  • Some additional Famous Folks

    When the Deadlands Companion was first released, I found myself a tad disappointed with the people listed in its Famous Folks chapter. Granted, I understand well enough why they'd like to keep the Rail Barons and the surviving Servitors out of the spotlight, what with the focus on smaller conflicts in this new edition. Nevertheless, as great as this overall project has been, I think there were some important NPCs that got unfairly overlooked. So I thought, "Why don't I convert them myself?", and I went and set up a Google doc. Feel free to suggest revisions, or request other famous folks I overlooked!

    Here's the link:
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    They're terrific if I must say so.


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      Well written, concise bios. A very good job! This must have taken you forever.

      The only thing I noticed was that Long-haired Tony seems like he should have Ugly (Minor) according to his description.


      • werenimal
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        That's an entirely valid suggestion. And nah, it didn't take too much time. Just a lot of copy-pasting from various Reloaded books, to be honest.

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      Update: I've converted Dr. Jacob Smith and Sir Clifton Robards from the 1880 Smith & Robards Catalog, and put my own homemade stats to Billy the Kid (who's Harrowed)!


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        Another update: I went through some of the classic Deadlands books and converted a few characters to Savage Worlds, so you can now find Clay Allison, Sheriff John Behan, John Wesley Hardin, and Judge Isaac Charles Parker in this document.

        Edit: Also went through Lone Killers of the Southwest; edited Allison and Hardin and added Black Bart and Dave Rudabaugh.
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          I've now added my personal stats for Thomas Edison, a.k.a. "Mr. Eddington." Dave Rudabaugh is gone, as the real-life Rudabaugh had moved on from Las Vegas, NM by 1884 so his official bio is outdated.