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    Handout E and C, left side article. The date on the newspaper says May 11, 1884, and the article references "Since the January discovery of a 66.6 pound ghost rock..." - shouldn't the newspaper either be dated 1883, or perhaps say, "Since the January discovery last year of a 66.6 pound ghost rock..."?

    Also the Marshall Timeline on page 56 says the Headstone Nugget was found in February, as opposed to January.

    A timeline quibble - but I know my players will pick up on it!
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      Feedback about Version 2: Heaston Hill map: see my feedback earlier. In the book now you included a key for location 61, it's "baseball diamond" now. But on the separate map you removed it. Can you make it consistent please?


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        I know the files have already gone to print, but I just noticed that on page 121, the text of the Replicant entry says, "Replicants don’t bleed, but their wounds seep thick, white sap..." while the callout box states, "Note that replicants don’t have the Fear Special Ability, but the first time a person sees one bleeding green sap calls for a Fear check!"

        So is the sap white or green?


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          It's both!

          Normally they bleed white sap. Nothing to be alarmed about. But if you see them bleed green sap, oh ho ho, Watch Out! That's why you make the Fear roll.

          (Of course, I'm being sarcastic... but that could be a cool case for making a "variant" Replicant.)