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  • Horror and Headstone hill feedback

    As the feedback forum is still locked we'll have to do it here.

    In the Twilight Event Cards file the Famine has a typo. Second sentence writes, "The famine lasts The famine lasts until the posse gets involved somehow." I'm sure it shouldn't repeat "The famine lasts"

    Please add your own here, rather than start new topics; easier for authors to find

    edit: I've now discovered I cannot edit the title and the "and" is bothering me
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    In the Archetypes and Adversaries file, the mountain man and the prospector are statted up to apparently have 15 starting skill points rather than 12. In addition, the prospector doesn't meet the Smarts requirement for his Improvisational Fighter Edge.


    • ellipses
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      I count 12 skill points for each, prior to advances.

      ETA: no, wait, I was wrong 15. The d4 Smarts tripped me up.
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    Thanks for throwing the thread up.

    - p36 Demetrio Dominguez - listed among the bounties and isn't detailed elsewhere in the book. This may be deliberate, but might be an idea to say so if that's the case? Or add him back if he's accidentally missing?
    - Lucius Clay: mentioned in the "Showdown at Sundown" as appearing in Horror at Headstone Hill, but doesn't seem to show up. "You’ll also find Lucius turning up in our sandbox Plot Point Campaign, The Horror at Headstone Hill, another tale that takes place in Weird Wyoming, a ways west of Sundown."


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      Page 21: Charley Holloway's Ugly Hindrance should specify whether it's Minor or Major.


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        Player's Introduction Booklet, pg. 4 - Headstone nugget is listed as a 6.66 lb. nugget of Ghost Rock
        Marshal's book, pg. 5 - Headstone Nugget is listed as 66.6 lbs.

        Seems to be a slight difference, something about a decimal point one place off.


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          Players intro:
          page 3: under the Heading The Law: it’s says United Stages instead of United States
          page 4: Headstone Nugget is listed as 6.66 pounds. In the GM section it’s labeled as 66.6 pounds a few times.


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            Marshal's book, Page 33: Lee Ogle's shotgun has the wrong RoF listed.
            Page 34: C.K. Hool should have Language (Latin) if he has the Scholar Edge for it. It only makes sense. Also, mind rider isn't a distinct power, so Laird shouldn't have it.
            Page 44: Shubael Hume's Ugly Hindrance should be Minor or Major.
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              Last sentence on page 8 of Players Intro booklet does not end with a period making it look like there's the possibility of another page after page 8 that is missing.


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                Marshal's book, Pages 35: Angus Diehl is missing the Enemy Hindrance that he has on Page 67.


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                  Maps for Uinta county in the Players Guide, GM's book, and the stand-alone pdf are all identical (as far as I can tell). But the GM's guide's map is supposed to show the "Outlaw Trail" on it.
                  pg 11 "Note that the Outlaw Trail is shown on the
                  county map in this book, but omitted from
                  the full-size player’s map. Your cowpokes
                  have to find it on their own!"

                  And speaking of maps. The ones in the books look awesome, but there's no way to hide the GM info to make VTT player's battle maps from them.
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                    Marshal's book, Page 93: Dutch Gristy's Driving skill should be Riding, since that's what's used for driving stagecoaches in SWADE.


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                      Heaston Hill map: the map has a location with the number 61, but 61 is not listed in the key section. I don't see it referenced in the book either.


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                        Marshal's book, Page 107: I assume the Blind Gunslinger's Bad Eyes Hindrance is Major?
                        Page 108: Stats for Wichita Witches are found in the core Deadlands book, not the Companion.
                        Page 117: Since creeping shadows are just lesser manitous as listed in the Companion, they should also have Notice d8.
                        Page 118: Gabriel hounds' Tracking skill should be Survival. Also, if a hodag is almost half a ton, its Size should probably be 2 to reflect this.
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                          Would it be possible to get some of the annotations on maps in the .pdf to be part of the .pdf layers? I'd like to use the maps for VTT but some of the information the players shouldn't have initially and I don't have the proper software to remove the text from the image.


                          • dstuffle
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                            I'll second this request!

                          • PEG Simon
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                            I'll see what we can do when we next update the map. Thanks for the suggestion.

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                          Marshall's book pg 57: "Go ahead and give them the first five handouts:
                          • Handout A: Letter from Lacy O’Malley
                          • Handout B: Photograph of Agent Reeg
                          • Handouts C, D, E: Three newspaper clippings"

                          Handouts in the pdfs are broken down by DLWW_HH_Handout_D_F_and_M and DLWW_HH_Handout_E and C. There are no notes to the side the show which clippings belong to which handout letter designation. Guesses could be made of the E / C, based on pages, but the D/F/M contains 6 clippings on 2 pages.


                          • PEG Simon
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                            Great point that they could be more clear. I will try to improve that. In the meantime, you can tell the newspaper handouts apart like this:

                            Each of the news clippings focuses on a single article, which is front and center. To the left of that on each newspaper clipping there is the last letter of some other headline, which corresponds to the letter of the handout. If there's a second page, that's just the backs of the newspaper clippings with unimportant articles for flavor only