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Post Your Crater Lake Chronicles Character (No Spoilers Please!)

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  • Post Your Crater Lake Chronicles Character (No Spoilers Please!)

    I've never done a solo adventure before, so I'm excited to try this out. Alone. In never ending social distancing...

    Anyways! I made my Novice character to run the adventure with and thought I would post it.

    Name: Thomas "Tad" Lincoln AKA Agent Theodore "Ted" Lyons

    Thomas "Tad" Lincoln is in fact the youngest son of the late Abraham Lincoln. With the help of Alan Pinkerton and President Grant, Tad faked his own death shortly after turning 18 and the end of the war so he could begin training as a Pinkerton to better serve the battered country his father loved so much. Tad is now an experienced Agent, taking the fight to the Reckoners.

    Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
    Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d4, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Stealth d6, Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Occult d6, Thievery d4, Performance d4, Research d4
    Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Obligation (Minor - Agent)
    Edges: Agent, Elan

    I'm curious to hear what y'all have come up with, but please, no spoiler for the adventure itself! Share away!

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    I just started. Used the Bounty Hunter Archetype. Bought gear. Forgot winter coat. Incapacitated in the first encounter, but there was a loud "WTF!" as a player that I loved as a GM. Like it was a "Oh my dear Jesus I am so gonna die" encounter as a player, but as a Marshal, I cackled.... (on the inside, just a little....)

    I'm taking notes already and I'm in the first scene...

    Love it so far


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      Originally posted by ellipses View Post
      Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Obligation (Minor - Agent)
      No Secret (Major or Minor) for being a president's son? Seems like if that ever got out, a few gristled old war vets might want a piece o' him.


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        I didn’t really consider that one. Since this is a solo adventure, I picked Hindrances that I thought would dictate behavior over anything else.

        If I were playing this character at a table, I still don’t think I’d take it based on how unlikely it would be he’d be exposed and how unlikely I’d consider it to be for someone to deliberately seek him out for revenge. After all, Robert Lincoln lived until 1926 after a successful career in government. All that said, if my hypothetical Marshall wanted to dictate that at some point, someone targeted him for revenge, I’d say that makes sense and roll with it, but still not consider it worth points at character creation.

        It’s not even that necessary for the character to have faked his death either, you could just as easily say, this is an alternate history with magic, so someone managed to cure Tad in time before he died of tuberculosis or heart failure or whatever disease they’re not apparently quite sure killed him in real life.

        That’s just my long, drawn out, prone to overthinking things thought process.

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      My attempt... I am fairly new to savage worlds / deadlands but tried to create a character that could survive on their own, being robust and with enough combat and healing options to get the job done.... He has died twice so far so perhaps I didn't do a good a job as I thought but its been fun and he will rise again for another attempt shortly!

      Grey Kilcannon

      Novice Male Human, Hexslinger


      Grey was brought up as the youngest son of a wealthy ranching family. 2 years ago he met a passing cow hand on the ranch who showed him some 'tricks'. Grey was captivated and gradually learnt more from the stranger and has gained access to the hunting grounds although he remains a novice. His ranching family were unhappy with his new found skills and some of the cow pokes left the ranch fearing what they saw as 'evil'. Big Walt Kilcannon (Father), fearing that the nearby townsfolk may come for the boy suggested he sets off for the west in search of others like him. Grey hopes to track down his mentor and learn more about the hunting grounds and how to grow his powers while seeking his fortune.

      Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d8

      Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d4, Fighting d4, Gambling d6, Healing d6, Language (Native) d8, Notice d4, Occult d4, Persuasion d4, Riding d4, Shooting d6, Spellcasting d6, Stealth d4, Survival d4

      Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 6

      Hindrances: Curious, Overconfident

      Edges: Arcane Background, Card Sharp, Iron Jaw

      Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), Colt Peacemaker (.45) (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, ROF 1, AP 1), Knife, Bowie (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4+1, AP 1)

      Gear: Backpack (Contains: Canteen), Boots, Gun belt, Holster, Horse (Contains: Bedroll, Lantern, Lantern oil (per gallon), Matches (box 100), 3x Rope (10"), Saddle, Saddlebags, 7x Trail Rations (per day)), 50x Pistol Ammunition (Large, .40-.50 caliber), Playing cards, Stetson

      Language: Native (native, d8)

      Current Wealth: $1.15

      Arcane Background: Huckster (Deadlands, p64)
      • Power Points: 10
      • Powers: Boost/Lower Trait (SWADE pp156), Diamonds (Protection; SWADE pp165-166), Hog tied (Entangle; SWADE pp161)

      Special Abilities
      • Deal With the Devil: May not Short nor spend Bennies for Power Points, but can cast powers they don't have and are above their Rank. Also gain PP or bonus to Spellcasting from such castings. See page 64.

      Current Load (normal/combat): 25 / 17 (41)

      Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Deadlands - The Weird West

      Validity: Character appears valid and optimal


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        I died twice in the first chapter, so I feel your pain. Without going into spoiler territory, the way the adventure handles the adversaries in the first chapter is different from how extras are normally handled, which leads to the enemies being significantly tougher than normal. Basically, the majority of my bennies spent were use to reroll damage to make sure the shots I did land counted. I'm slowly but surely making my way through Chapter Two so far.

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      I haven’t gotten the background really set up yet but here is mine: Name: Owen Chen, alias Xia “Old Glory” Shanahan

      Age: 25

      Race: Irish/Chinese (American)

      Rank: Novice

      Hindrances: Heroic (Major), Curious (Major)

      Attributes: Agility: D6, Smarts: D8, Spirit: D6, Strength: D4, Vigor: D6


      Core Skills: Athletics (Agility): D4, Common Knowledge (Smarts): D4, Notice (Smarts): D4, Persuasion (Spirit): D4, Stealth (Agility): D4

      Trained Skills: Fighting (Agility): D6, Language [English](Smarts): D8, Occult (Smarts): D6,, Repair (Smarts): D4, Science (Smarts): D6, Shooting (Agility): D6, Weird Science (Smarts): D8

      Derived Statistics: Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 5

      Edges: Agent (Current Grade: 0), Mad Science (Arcane Background), Power Points (Novice)

      Arcane Background (Mad Science):

      Power Points: 20, Recharge: 5 PP per hour

      Powers: Burst[M-17 Infernal Projector] (2 PP, 3D6 Damage [4D6 Raise], Range: Cone), Healing[M-9 Metabolic Rejuvenator] (3 PP, heals 1 wound [2 wounds Raise], Range: Touch)


      Clothes and Armor- Stetson hat, Winter coat, Work shirt, Inventor’s Apron (Torso & Upper thighs +2 Armor, -4 Fire damage), Trousers, Boots, Long-johns
      Gear- Backpack, Bedroll, Canteen, Lantern, Lantern oil (1 Gal), Matches (Box of 100), Trail Rations (7 days), Tool Kit (Weird Science), Agency Badge (+1 Persuasion with Lawful types)
      Weapons and Accessories- Shotgun thong, Sawed-off Double-barrel (Shells, 5/10/20 1-3d6 Damage, +2 to Shooting, +4 to Damage and can be used in melee if both barrels fired), Shotgun Shells (40), Gun belt, Quick-Draw Holster, Gatling Pistol (.36, 12/24/48, 2d6 Damage, AP 1, RoF 3, 30 Round Drum) , Gatling Pistol drum (4), .36 Pistol Rounds (150), Bowie Knife (Str+d4+2 Damage, AP 2, 2/4/8, Ghost Steel)
      Currency and Fundaments- Gold Eagle (1, Value $10), Half Eagle (3, Value $5), Silver Dollar (8, Value $1), Quarter (2, Value ¢25), Dime (4, Value ¢10)
      Background: got his start making weapons for the US government but caught the attention of the Agency, feeling that he could be doing more to help outside the lab, he joined up.
      Worst Fear: Discoveries Harming Innocents

      a little unsure about the load of equipment, redid his load-out after an extremely rough first encounter and after realizing the adventure didn’t really mention having or needing a horse.


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        Marcus Walsh Click image for larger version

Name:	6a085701f9d76293b96834f692f01ec6.jpg
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Size:	47.1 KB
ID:	42272

        Seasoned Male Human, Territorial Ranger

        Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
        Skills: Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d4, Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Language (English) d8, Notice d6, Occult d6, Persuasion d4, Riding d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6
        Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 8 (2)
        Hindrances: Enemy (minor, Witch who's family he killed.), Heroic, Loyal
        Edges: Double Tap, Territorial Ranger, Veteran O' the Weird West
        Armor: Rattler Hide Duster (Armor 2)
        Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), Colt Frontier (.44-40) (Range Melee, Damage 2d6+1, ROF 1, AP 1), Winchester Lever-Action Shotgun (Range 12/24/48, Damage 1-3d6, ROF 1)
        Gear: Saddlebags (Contains: Bedroll, Canteen, Mess kit, 20x Pistol Ammunition (Large, .40-.50 caliber), 40x Shotgun shells, 5x Trail Rations (per day))
        Language: English (native, d8)
        Current Wealth: $219.3

        Special Abilities
        • Forsaken: No beneficial magic works on him. Malignant mojo works just fine.

        Novice Advances
        • Raise Attribute: Vigor
        • Raise Skills: Stealth/Notice
        • Raise Skills: Athletics/Shooting

        Seasoned Advances
        • Edge: Double Tap

        Current Load: 19 (41)
        Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Deadlands - The Weird West, Deadlands Weird West CompanionValidity: Character appears valid and optimal

        Created with
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          In my CLC copy it says on p 91 “Alternately, you can mosey on to our website at, where you’ll find a copy of this Character Journal in .PDF format for easy home printing”….

          damned if I can find it though.

          any clues guys?