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[DLWW] Thoughts on Huckster

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  • [DLWW] Thoughts on Huckster

    Hello folks! I just picked up DLWW (couldn't back it at Kickstarter time, unfortunately), and while I've been reading back on other peoples thoughts, I was hoping to give my first thoughts as a huge fan of Hucksters since classic.

    I personally enjoy what they did with Hexslingers, I feel coming back to the offshoot nature of it, while making it a seasoned edge, really works because I feel like it stays true to the origin and allows the ability to be powerful without making it unbalanced (though combining it with fan the hammer is NUTS). I really feel I can follow in Doc Holiday's footsteps.

    My only real complaint is that Huckster's no longer have access to blast, because I then feel like I am extra incentivized to take Hexslinger because it is their only access to a blast template attack. I liked Soul Burst in classic and Ace in the Hole in reloaded, so its exclusion was something I noticed immediately and was a bit bummed out by.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I suspect that PEG re-evaluated and decided that they liked magic missile and burning hands for their gambling wizards but that fireball violated the style and theme, no matter how awesome it was.

    I'm not sure why you feel that the Small Blast Template from ammo whammy is worth transforming your character into a Hexslinger. Hucksters have access to burst for area damage, as well as numerous non-damage spells with area effects (either default or optional): [i]blind[/], confusion, entangle, fear, havoc, sloth, slumber, and stun.
    That's ignoring stuff like darkness or illusion that needs to be a template to matter.
    Hucksters are good. Even if you do have to actually carry dynamite instead of just using magic.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Over all every arcane background lost access to powers. They did this to try to make your choice more unique and less universal. I believe mad scientist are the only background with access to your larger explosive powers. This also keeps the huckster at being more sneaky about their spell choices so they dont end up at the end of a noose.


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        I thank you for your responses. I agree with you saying Hucksters are fine, but I just feel a bit bummed out losing that specific spell since it has been around so long and I kind of see that as a staple Huckster spell. I realize that this is just my opinion, but it was really my biggest complaint after my first read of the new Huckster rules.

        In all honesty if I do bring over my character from DLR, I'll probably grab the Hexslinger edge just 'cause I did base the voice I was doing for him off Val Kilmer's performance in Tombstone.


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          I can see your point, and there is nothing wrong with missing an old favorite, but soul burst debuted in Hucksters & Hexes with no other printings I could find. Even Reloaded had an entirely new name and trapping. Those facts, plus the name being so similar to soul blast, makes me think the power was an afterthought.

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        Something else to think about is asking your marshal if you can instead of getting 2 new powers when you take the new powers edge you can take 1 that is not on their spell list.


        • Dracain
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          I have considered that. Might run it by them. I don't think I'll get a chance to bring my character over since I think the Marshal would rather stick to Deluxe, which I get, they are more comfortable and haven't looked at Adventure yet. I might run it by them though, since I've been talking to them and I think some of the changes in Adventure and DLWW will appeal to them.