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Reputation Edge, Bonus vs reroll

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  • Reputation Edge, Bonus vs reroll

    In DL the release 1.0 on p22 it mentions if you choose a good reputation, it's a free reroll on Persuasion. If you choose a bad reputation, it grants a +2 to Intimidation.

    Reroll vs +2, are they equivalent? Why do you suppose they made them different rather than both versions get a reroll or both versions get a +2?

    Genuinely curious as there are so many subtle nuances to this system...

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    They're roughly equal in power, in this case, but they work differently and have different effects in play.

    A Reroll makes a character much more reliable at a task. The odds of Success or a Raise don't change but the fact that you get to roll twice means you're more likely to get the desired outcome (flip a coin twice - each flip has equal odds of 'heads' but if you only need to get 'heads' once then two flips is more reliable than one).
    A static +2 makes the character more likely to get Success or a Raise, especially with an opposed roll.

    The effects are:
    • Good Reputation allows a character to reliably smooth over situations without reliably changing fundamental attitudes.
    • Bad Reputation makes a character more likely to disconcert, or even scare, foes. (Especially for a Menacing character.) But sometimes it just doesn't work.
    The key is that Persuasion is mostly against TN 4 while Intimidation is almost always opposed. That really lets each option shine, since rerolls are best when you just need a basic success and static bonuses are least disruptive when opposed by a random number.
    You can use Persuasion for Tests and Intimidation for Networking but both are rare in my experience.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.