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  • Hell on Earth and SWADE

    I've been asked to run a Hell on Earth campaign. Any thoughts on using it with swade?

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    Also probably implement Guts as per Deadlands noir
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      HOE:R pioneered Edge-based Guts. Not sure why you're wanting to swap to the Noir version (not significantly different).

      Adventure should be fine.
      A few of the setting edges will need reworking, you'll want to update the powers lists to account for the new and changed powers, and the vehicles will need an overhaul to match the new rules. Heck, Psykers and Harrowed can just be pulled from the Lost Colony versions.
      Otherwise, it's good to go.

      Given the overall benefits of running in Adventure Edition, I think it's the right call. Other than the military vehicles (mostly just Armor values and weapon AP), I expect it will take two hours to update HoE:R for Adventure.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Forgot about HoE having Guts edge

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      I missed the Lost Colony kickstarter. Hopefully available soon.


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        As somebody running it, my current observations:

        -Give things an Athletics score when you convert them. If they have any sort of Climbing/Swimming/Throwing, you can use that, or average them out, or change them to whatever you think is appropriate. It comes up more often than you think.

        -I'd also just assume that any NPC has the Core Skills at a d4 even if they don't explicitly have them on their sheet.

        -SWADE made everything available to PCs stronger and you may want to scale to that slightly, depending on what creatures/NPCs you're using.

        -Arcane Backgrounds in particular are stronger than ever. I did some houseruling because I like Deadlands (all settings) to feel a little more "low magic". My big changes were going back to the original rules for regenerating powerpoints (1/2/4 an hour at base/Rapid Recharge/Imp. Rapid Recharge) and removing Additional Recipients entirely, because I despise that modifier. It's up to you which parts you want to change from SWADE if you want to at all. I'd recommend reading those rules very thoroughly, though.

        -Whenever an AB has it's own backlash rules in HoE use those. You can also try out the Dynamic Backlash table in SWADE. That seems to be what LC did with its ABs.

        -The SWADE Fear Table is very much smoother and better than the SWD Fright Table. I'm going to miss Mark of Fear, but that's okay in exchange for less Heart Attacks and less Adrenaline surges.

        -Phobias are no longer crippling. A -2 for a Major Phobia is a big deal, but something you can work with. The old -4 would hamstring just about any character who had it. I like this. You can be a little broader with the phobias so that they come up more, but aren't removing the character who has them from relevance.

        -This isn't really relevant to SWADE, but some Harrowed Edges are absolutely ridiculous. Wither is insane. Look into those carefully as well, and consider houseruling a few of them (most of them are pretty well fixed in the new LC book, so you can also look at that whenever it's up for general purchase).

        -Critical Failures largely replace any "rolling a 1 on the skill die" rules. I'd keep it that way. I find the game is less fun when everybody conserves a benny to save themselves from rolling a 1.

        -Get really familiar with Distracted, Vulnerable and Stunned. Also learn about the changes to Stealth/the Drop, because those can be very useful for your monsters.

        Overall I like every change in SWADE up until you hit ABs, and most of my problems there are pretty simple fixes. I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff to run SWADE as long as you're willing to put in a little elbow grease when the rules rub up against each other the wrong way.
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