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  • The Relics Book

    So I remember there being some smoke signals concerning a book of Relics. Did that get cancelled, cause if so that's a crying shame, cause that's something I feel the game could really use. The relics that we've gotten from the books so far are really limited, with half of them being relics of pure evil that would probably end a player character (looking at you Butcher's scalpel.) I feel like it could be like the 1880 S&R catalog in changing up the game a lot as well as give the PC's a bit of a leg up on the whole fighting evil thing. Anyway, just wondering what happened to that if anybody on ye olde forum can provide some insight, or did I get some bad Peyote and I just dreamed that book up?

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    It was delayed ... held back, actually ... but it's done, and will be part of an exciting Deadlands announcement that's right around the bend.


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      Is it more like 2 weeks around the bend or more like 4 months around the bend?