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    Hello, I'm working on an Agent character to replace my current character in my Deadlands campaign, but I have one big question.
    The current posse consists of a Sailor, a Blessed and basically a Confederacy Criminal. Is there a way I can play my Agent going along with these guys? In the original Agency book for Deadlands classic, it seems to me the only real way to play an agent is in a campaign of only agents. Am I missing something here?

    As for my guys initial cover, he is going to be writing a biography on the Blessed as one of his former converts has come into a lot of money and wants a biography written on him. This guy will never be named as "Pride is a sin". While this will work for a little while, it will soon become apparent that this 'writer' is too good at sneaking around and punching folk. We are in the part of the Flood where you need to drop your blood on all the sacred stones if that helps.

    Any tips how I can play this as thematically as possible?

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    You could play him as a pacifist, that'll solve the problem.

    You could "cheat" on your character sheet by lowering some die type : if you really have Shooting d10, you could write d8, with your Marshal's agreement of course. In game, that'd be your character missing a few shot voluntarily every now and then.

    I recommend you come up with another cover story for your character if (when) the writer scheme blows up. Something along the lines of "OK, I'm not really a writer, I'm a XXXX and I've joined you because XXX".
    You're an Agent, so you (could) have all the info needed to make it work : if they have an enemy (who hasn't ?), it could be his enemy too. Maybe the posse saved his bacon when they helped a town and he wants to return the favor. He could be a "fan" or aspiring adventurer that genuinely got attracted to their fame.

    In game, your character is supposed to know them before joining them. Out of game, you know your friends so you know what'll work on them.
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      I answer your question with a question: Why is your character part of this group?

      What's your mission?
      Are you undercover?
      Why is traveling with this band of misfits helpful to your mission?
      How much research did you put into these clowns before joining them?
      Why not just have Sam Hellman give you a letter of introduction? The posse should have met and rescued him by this point.

      Agents are basically CIA officers / FBI agents. They're a powerful government agency that relies upon secrecy, reputation, gadgets, and improvisational field agents to achieve their goals. They'll operate honestly but discretely as often as they go undercover. They have a few iron clad procedures, but mostly the rules are at the discretion of the local supervisor. For areas like Lost Angels, where no one is the supervisor, agents are expected to do what they need to do to get the job done.

      The thing to remember about playing an agent is that all non-agents are assets. Troubleshooters are expendable. Save the good ones if you can, but if you have to let the entire team die in a fire to get the mission completed then you let them die in a fire - no matter how many bottles of whiskey you have to drink to get to sleep at night.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Ahh I get it now, those questions actually do help alot. I would imagine it'd be perfectly appropriate for an agent to be helping out with the whole flood campaign. Killing Grimme is a bit important. My biggest concern was that as written, the agents are not supposed to admit they exist. The term working honestly but discretely makes sense, especially if he is working in a large group.
        Im really looking forward to playing as an Agent, cleaning up crime scenes and making them seem mundane seems really great. I probably will use Sam Hellman for help selling the whole thing.

        The other option Meister mentioned is also possible but I think I like working more honestly a bit more. My last heroic character who I just retired was a major huckster and snake oil salesman. Playing someone more discrete but honest seems more of a big change, now instead of being life of the party with false names, now my character will be sneaky and forgettable.

        Thank you all for the help.