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SWADEadlands and the Morgana Effect

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  • SWADEadlands and the Morgana Effect

    I just read about this in the recent update. It's going to mean a lot of changes in the setting.... For my own game, I said that although the north had stronger industry and science, the south countered with magic. When the war seemed to be lost, they cast a spell together with the Voodoo practitioners in New Orleans to raise many of the dead soldiers in the south (from both the Union and Confederacy) under their control. This was done in exchange for giving New Orleans to the Voodoo leaders. All the undead were under southern control, but the spell did not allow them to cross over into the north, so the war became a stalemate. The North decided they no longer wanted to be reunited with the necromancing southerners, so they pulled their troops home and the war was thus over (for now at least).

    It sounds like the whole Morgana Effect is going to change all that. I could still do a much lesser version, but it would not affect the result of the war. That makes me sad, in a way.

    Anyone else going to have their game worlds upset by the coming changes? I'm still looking forward to it, I might say that all that still happened, but then the coming of Morgan Le Fay took so much magical energy it ended the reaising of the dead, and the north then re-invaded and won.

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    Your version of the setting is already so different from the original that I really don't get why you're even worried about any changes. I mean, you already altered the setting's metaplot pretty drastically yourself, so it really wouldn't make any difference to just keep doing what you're doing for your own games and ignore the Morgana Effect entirely. There's a good chance official material wouldn't fit your game anymore with or without the changes caused by the Morgana Effect, so why even bother trying to incorporate it? Just keep playing in your own alternate timeline and adapt any new material you might want to use to it - as you probably would have to anyway.
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