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Walkin Dead vs Zombies vs Undead abilities

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  • Walkin Dead vs Zombies vs Undead abilities

    So, mechanically I know the difference between Harrowed and Walkin Dead and Zombies, but in the lore, what's the difference between one of Baron LaCroix's zombie workers, a walkin' dead, a harrowed, or one of the BV Rail Warriors?

    Walkin' Dead and Harrowed are both possessed by manitou; is that the same for stitch-mouthed zombies in New Orleans, etc?

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    Spoilers. Obviously.

    Zombies are corpses animated by magic. Per real Carribean voodoo mythology, they're mindless servants with no personality or spirit. Being inferior combatants, and an actual manifestation of religious practitioners, these may be the rarest kind of animated dead.

    Walkin' Dead are corpses animated by a bored or scheming demon, usually controlled en masse and with a minimal investment. BV "risen" soldiers are a kind of walkin' dead influenced by Lacroix's magic. Either way, they're bloodthirsty, vicious, and potentially patient and tricky (depending upon the manitou); most of the time they coordinate with each other really well, but sometimes the manitou has more fun by letting them act independently - and fun is usually the point of raising some walkin' dead.

    Harrowed are a corpse turned into a permanent demonic vessel, by binding the manitou and the human soul together in the body, struggling for control. When killed, the manitou is destroyed and the soul might be too - or it goes off to its final reward, the text is intentionally unclear about this. This binding provides the ability to manifest full demonic powers, experience (most of) the sensations of life, and generate tons of fear, which is why a spirit would risk becoming physically mortal.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.