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  • Syrinscape & Deadlands

    I am active over on the Syrinscape boards and actively use Syrinscape in my Deadlands game. I bought the subscription when my gaming group was playing a fantasy game. When they wanted to go back to the old west I decided to try using it since I had already paid for it. It has worked out well. It is currently missing a few things, like multiple options for gunfire and background music for saloons, but in general it works very well.

    Anyway, I’m posting this because they have announced that they are releasing a specific Deadlands sound set very soon. I figured I’d let everyone here know because I remember debating if Syrinscape would work for Deadlands. I had ultimately thought it wouldn’t and didn’t purchase it. I have found that not to be true. I have enjoyed using the background sounds as they are now and my players really enjoy the ambiance. So, just a heads up that they are doing something for Deadlands specifically that will make it even more useful and it is nearly released. That’s all just thought the info may help another Marshall out.