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SWADE pregen characters for a few con games

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  • SWADE pregen characters for a few con games

    Any make up some Deadlands:Reloaded pregen characters for SWADE? I am running a few con games thought I asked before I made a hand full Thanks in advance

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    Well I made a few basic pre gens characters for my upcoming con games and I thought I would share...I used the SWADE only character rules and applied a few them type things. The casters mainly, the huckster got half power points, slow regen and Deal with the devil and the Blessed got Crisis of Faith. I also added Guts in as spirit skill Take a look feed back would be appreciate... I did not add grit since I figured I would use the advancement level instead...

    I also created cheat sheets for the characters...I copied things out of the core book. Most of my players will be new to SWADE and a few to Savage Worlds....I hope that is ok.


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      I've been slowly converting the Classic Archetypes to SWADE:
      Life's hard, game harder!
      Life is too important to be taken seriously.


      • Nick-at-Night
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        Nice! Questions: 1. What level are these? 2. Why is pace 2+1/2 athletics? is it a houserule?

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        Nick-at-Night That's definitely a house rule.