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[Reloaded] AlanaRay's Big ol' Homebrew/Classic Conversion thread

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  • [Reloaded] AlanaRay's Big ol' Homebrew/Classic Conversion thread

    Howdy forum.

    I've been running Reloaded for quite a while. Though Classic is my first and dearest love, it's a little easier to run Reloaded (especially with my current party, who are all DnD natives). The plot point campaigns do a lot to bring back some of the extended material that I really missed from Classic, but occasionally my favorite parts still aren't around. I also have some homebrew I've made, or made in concert with my players that's just sitting around as we progress to Noir and Hell on Earth for the time being.

    I figured I'd start putting it all together and putting it up somewhere in case there's stuff somebody else can use. Everything's for SWD since I'm still getting comfy with the SWADE ruleset.

    I'm just gonna use one big thread for this. Anything for other settings in Deadlands will get chucked in here too, but I figured I'd make it in this forum as the bulk of it is still Weird West.

    -A Cut Above/Named Manitou (WIP): Really, really early alpha, with most of the prettifying still in progress. A couple of them are properly finished, some others need to be overhauled, a few others just need minor tweaks. Some of them (lookin' at you, Desert Flower) make me so uncomfortable I either want to rewrite them or not convert them at all. Rewriting gets a little finicky because they're not my concepts to begin with. A few of them (like Idle Hands) refer to mechanics that largely don't exist in Reloaded at all, so they're their own problem and need new mechanics to function. Happy to hear feedback and get some suggestions on these. I'm waffling between which ones give power points, which one gives cards and which ones should have an either/or option. May also include a handful of new Named Manitou after I finish all the originals.

    -Favored Chual: Mostly finished. Needs some cleaning up here and there. Favored Chual is one of my favorite aspects of classic, as my first character was a Chual of Ogu. I didn't care for Favored Chual being "Voodoo Tempests" in The Last Sons, though it is an admittedly elegant solution. I thought Chual covered a really unique set of options and some very specific things that are amazing and not part of the standard Savage Worlds powers lists.

    To be converted:
    -A small selection of unique powers from ABs that don't fully fit with any of the Savage Worlds/DLR powers.
    -Some Classic relics.
    -For HoE: the Bookworm Bibliopathy power, Research Spirits, Templar Saints.
    -A reworked version of the HoE "Telekinetic Squeeze" power.

    General note on conversion: Everything I'm converting is from books that are >20 years old and represent a small fraction of the content from each book. Hopefully reproducing the fluff text from those is not a problem, though if any of the staff wants me to remove the conversions or flavor text, I'm happy to do so.

    -Arcane Background (Redliner): a street-level cyborg AB for a hypothetical Deadlands: Wired West RPG. (linked to the original post on Reddit for convenience)

    -Smith and Robards Presents: Ingram Industries. A player from my Good Intentions campaign had a very unique Mad Scientist/Alchemist and got way into Master Crafter. We both collaborated on the homebrew and ended up with a lot of inventions by the end of it. A few of these are maybe a touch on the overpowered side, as they were designed to keep my party of nerds alive and effective. You can either tweak the price to make them more prohibitively expensive or fine-tune the numbers if you like the ideas but are concerned about game balance. (Mechanics are all in there, cleanup, fluff text and pretty formatting to come)

    -Greased Lightning: A Junker edge for Hell on Earth that allows for tinkering and upgrading of equipment. Heavily inspired by Techno-Wizard mechanics in Savage RIFTS. Still has a few unique mechanics to include. Some fine-tuning on the Component costs is also likely necessary.

    To be written up:
    -Israel Von Kaiser's Superior Man: A collection of homebrew augmentations made by Israel Von Kaiser, the sidekick/husband of Klaus Von Kaiser, the German scrapper I played in a run-through of the Flood PPC.
    -A bestiary of unique monsters for Reloaded that I've made for my campaigns.
    -A handful of onesheet adventures created for Reloaded.
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