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    So tomorrow I plan on running my possee through a court trial involving their last train mission on the Denver pacific. Gonna be charged with destruction of property, loss of life and loss off property. Anyone have any ideas on how I should proceed with the court case. Oh, I plan on having a lawyer of Hellstromme representing them so the DP rail gets reamed. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions are all appreciated! Thanks.

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    ... The only court case I've run was in Hell On Earth: Reloaded.
    I ran it as a Social Conflict, with the players having to make their arguments and then roll, opposed by the opposing counsel. Pretty straightforward, until the posse requested "permission to kill opposing counsel," to which the S-Mart Overlord, presiding judge, responded, "I'll allow it".
    Still, it was a great scene, filled about 45 minutes, and was a good come down from the epic gladiatorial fight of the previous session.

    If you're planning to have the PCs get represented, then I'd suggest focusing on their testimonies. The clashes between the two lawyers is beyond their control and should have minimal focus, but they can shape the outcome by their statements on the stand, giving their side bonuses or penalties based upon the tone, honesty, and evidence contradiction.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      That's some good stuff my friend! I like it! On a side note. Hellstromme's lawyer will crush the Denver Pacific lawyer giving DP quite a set back. And maybe some how have them go on the mission Arab cadaver even though they were just being brought to court by them. It makes me laugh inside! Again. Thanks for the input! Keep on rollin them bones.


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        I ran one as a dramatic task once. Only the posse was speaking up in defense of not getting one of the defendants hung.


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          If anyone wants me to post updates on how the court is going, let me know.!!


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            Sure. Inspirational gaming posts are always welcome.


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              So, for a little bit of background, the two posse members were hired several missions previous by Denver Pacific to protect passengers, cargo without them knowing the Cargo on their train. During that ride a gang proceeded to rob the train. One of the gang shot and killed a woman on that train. One also grabbed a baby in a threatening manner. One member of posse was taking care of the gang while the other one was checking out a strange noise farther back in one of the cars. In that car, a group of four crew members were holding down a Hellstromme mechanical spider. The posse member helped them holding it down with chains but it promptly broke free. Eventually it crashed thru several cars and into the passenger car where that the gang was in the process of robbing. The destroyed the spider which then spewed out acid from its body, melted it self away along with the floor of the train and some metal under carriage and rails. Luckily the train made it safely in the Denver station.

              Several weeks and a few missions later in a completely different town a very well dressed man approached them and served them court summons stating that they were being sued for breach of contract, property damage and loss of property. If they failed to appear in court they would be hanged. (I mean, why not). Their characters were pissed. Later that same day two extremely well dressed men approached them saying they were hired to represent them. They talked "shop" and so forth discovering they were hired by Dr. Darius Hellstromme.(hehe points for me) *Ahem* They then proceeded to go on the offensive by going on a shmeer campaign or negative rumor trolling . For some reason, I wasn't expecting that. They also learned that Denver Pacific was being civilially sued by the passengers of the train. They also had a npc working for Epitaph whom they told to write some scathing reviews.

              much to their chagrin they had to travel back to Denver where the trial was being held, on the Denver Pacific. During the ride back they spread as many spiteful opinions about the train line thru the current passengers. Before the trial at the end of the week when the trial was to be held they visited The Rocky Mountain News to send a newsletter to all the participants of the civil suit about the posse members law suit. And also had their tombstone epitaph npc send out the scathing news to all the spokes of the epitaph. Their two lawyers had them talk to and collect character witnesses from the train. Where they had to go to several interesting locations/buildings in the city. They had to fight off some of Dp's men sent to silence the witnesses. They decided to find a place to hold the witnesses protectively in hotel rooms. Since they had more witnesses to ask to appear in court they had to find help watching over them. They talked to the lawyers about it and one of the lawyers "called" in Seth Bullock and Calamity Jane.

              I will write more tomorrow guys!