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  • Deadlands SWADE edition

    Is there going to be an updated version of Deadlands for SWADE? Maybe one that, while noting changes, compiles the rules from the Deadlands Reloaded core books (Player and Marshal guides) and the four player's portions of the plot points? Maybe call it Deadlands High Noon or something. Or maybe a Deadlands World that has all of the world at once? I do recall mention of a Deadlands that takes place in mideval times.

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    Yes. This is all the scattered info I could gather so far:
    • It will be called simply "Deadlands - The Weird West" and it will be a single book.
    • It will be set AFTER Deadlands Reloaded, the servitor campaigns and the return of the Cackler. It will take place in 1884, to be more specific.
    • It will be slightly more "sandboxy" in style and less focused on the setting's metaplot. "More your plots, less metaplot", is what they said.
    • It will probably include most of the revisions and additions that can be found in the four servitor campaigns - but streamlined, further revised and adapted to SWADE, of course.
    • Deadlands Noir and Hell on Earth Reloaded are also getting SWADE-ified, but I think those are probably going to be just the same old books, only updated to SWADE and reformatted to fit the current graphic novel size.
    • There are two new Deadlands settings in the works: Deadlands Dark Ages and a Savage Worlds version of Lost Colony. We'll be getting previews of both with a couple of Savage Tales that were unlocked as a stretch goal in the SWADE kickstarter.
    All those nuggets of info came straight from Shane, Jodi and Matthew Cutter, but remember that none of it has been officially announced or set in stone just yet.
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    Hopefully there will be a conversion pdf long before that, there's a lot of bits in Deadlands that gets wonky if using SWADE, some things gets broken entirely since the new edition makes them more or less obsolete or really changes the balance with unintended interactions and limitations.


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      Thanks for the replies. I am planning to start running Deadlands next weekend and I plan to use SWADE. I will just make up what I think things should be like and it will be good enough for now. It will have to be. I will just convert as needed.