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[SAAHP] Doing the PPC without 2 Stones

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  • [SAAHP] Doing the PPC without 2 Stones

    So I really like Stone and a Hard Place. I love the idea of the PCs teaming up with the Earps, I love the idea of Stone telling them they ain't worth the bullets, and then over the course of the campaign, becoming the heroes who can possibly vanquish death. But the whole thing with Time Travelling Stone just throws me out of the Spaghetti Western feel. I've done a little googling, but has anyone come up with a way to restructure the PPC so that it doesn't involve 2 Stones, but instead there's just the one?


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    The irony of someone that chose Dr. Who as their forum avatar complaining about time travel is something I can't resist commenting on.

    S&aHP includes two Stones because a second Stone has been bumming around the Weird West since the Classic Devil's Tower adventure series. It's a dangling plot point that's been around for about twenty years now, and explains the existence of the Hell On Earth setting despite the posse's best efforts.

    I have yet to see anyone plot out how to do the PPC with only one Stone.
    His weakness is pretty much unknown and nearly impossible to use without his assistance, and the PPC provides that eventually.
    ... Unless you have a reason to put them characters into a "fair duel" against the deathly gunman, I don't see why a single Stone would give them a chance at him. You might be able to finagle that with a "blood of a hero, shed in fair combat" ritual, but why should Stone pick a player character for that when he's got a passel of other heroes he's planning to kill?
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Originally posted by ValhallaGH View Post
      The irony of someone that chose Dr. Who as their forum avatar complaining about time travel is something I can't resist commenting on.
      LOL. True enough. And thanks.


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        I also currently run SAAHP, it seems and feels really good PPC, but I have an issue with Savage Tales: excluding few (Aces Low, maybe the vampire thing), they are way too simple and boring. Basically very short combat encounters, one enemy that they have to kill and no intrigue whatsoever.

        I think I have to use some Savage Tales from Good Intentions and Lost Sons, also some shorter stand-alone modules. Which is a shame, I was hoping that SAAHP is enough.

        Have you changed something about the savage tales? Or do they feel good enough?


        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
          Editing a comment
          Savage Tales, like a lot of one sheets, are a framework. Generally I add in a few unimportant NPCs, make the area more interesting, and generally add details that aren't essential but greatly expand upon the tone and style of the adventure.
          I don't have to do that with every ST / OS, but it's common enough that I expect it.