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[SAAHP PPC] Letting players run the Earps? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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  • PEGCutter
    If I recall correctly, the book recommends that you do exactly that.

    That's how I did it during the playtest, and it made a big impression on me ... and on the players. There's no substitute for seeing them look down at those stats and crow, "We are such badasses!"

    Quite a contrast to the point where Stone strides from the burning Clanton Ranch and starts plugging them with single shots to heads and badges. They truly felt the fear.
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  • screenmonkey
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    That's exactly the effect I'm looking for, thanks Erolat

  • Erolat
    When the OK Corral happened I ran the Earps. The players were in true awe. When they went hunting I allowed them to run the Earps and felt the power that could be achieved. The only stipulation I put was that Wyatt was more interested in killing than cover and everyone else was going to stick by his side. They loved being out in the open and not taking a single hit. When "the man in black" stepped out they were all "We can take him!" Then he started dropping them with one shot each. The rest of the party ran as fast as they could, they knew they were in over their heads. Later when they were told they needed to take on the man in black they had the proper level of fear.

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  • ValhallaGH
    No experience with it, but I can see it working well for some tables.

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  • [SAAHP PPC] Letting players run the Earps? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

    I was thinking that when it came time for plot point 2, Vengeance Ride, especially "A Time to Kill", it might be more impactful if the players ran the Earps and Doc. That way they get a feel for what bad hombres they are, and what an even badder dude 'ol JS is.

    Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?