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Will Trail Guide Vol 2 ever see the light of day?

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  • Will Trail Guide Vol 2 ever see the light of day?

    With the announcement of the rerelease of Deadlands adapted to the Adventurer Edition, there was also mention of the long awaited Relic book being released. Will we get the same for Volume 2 of the Trail Guides? I believe they were going to be the Reloaded version of the Back East books, maybe with the Mississippi in there too. Any news about it?

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    I'm afraid we've cancelled that one. The new edition of The Weird West will focus squarely on the West.


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      Aww man, that sucks but thanks for the quick answer. At least the classic books can be used with little hassle


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        Sorry about that.

        We hope the new stuff we're cooking up for the Weird West is cool enough to make you forget those pesky Trail Guides.


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          Oh I'm more than excited, I'm leaning towards running Deadlands after my current campaign. I'd the rumors of consolidating all the ABs into one book is true, I'll be more than happy