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The Cackler & Stone and a Hard Place (Spoilers)

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  • The Cackler & Stone and a Hard Place (Spoilers)

    Again ** SPOILERS!!!!****

    I’m a bit confused as to when the Events of The Cackler take place. Hank Ketchum is clearly alive at the end of the Graphic Novel part of the book (sometime in 1882, and definitely not Fall or Winter). How do I get that? The bar scene in Deseret says 1882 (and there is no snow in any of the images in the book). There's also the short story about how Hank meets his end.

    Problem being, the Savage Tale – A Lonely Place To Die (Stone and a hard place) is I assume supposed to take place sometime between the Plot Point 1 (Shot Down At The OK Corral) and Plot Point 3 (where the posse heads out of Tombstone to go to Dead End). So that puts the Lonely Place sometime between Oct 1881, and probably 6 months later (April 1882).

    So exactly when do the events that wrap up The Cackler happen? I'm trying to work in some ties to it in my Stone and a Hard place campaign, and don't want to have to introduce a "Time Twister" artifact to make it all flow right.

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    When I ran it the posse had survived PP2 (somewhere around March IIRC) and were trying to figure out what to do next. Several months, and a few other savage tales, had passed when the posse was approached by the bar tender from the Crystal Palace. He told them about how Hank and come by to see how things were going now that the Earps were dead. When the bar keep told Hank about the stranger that the party saw Hank got a strange look on his face and said he needed to check something out near the Stanton ranch. (Effectively curtailing the need for Streetwise checks.) This sent the posse out that way and the tale was launched.

    In effect, I moved Lonely Place out to late fall/early winter and just kept going. After all I controlled how much time passed between each Tale so it was easy. (Of course, the need for most of the party to heal up after each Tale helped me with that.)
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      The year given in the Cackler Graphic Novel was a typo. It should have said 1881.


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        That makes more sense, as the two short stories place the Battle of Dante’s Ferry, and the death of Hank Ketchum as happening in August. Filling 10 months between plot points / strange tales was looking like a tall order.